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Love and Jewish Values - Intimacy in the Digital Age

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Oren Hayon

on 5 February 2011

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Transcript of Love and Jewish Values - Intimacy in the Digital Age

Love & Jewish Values Intimacy in the Digital Age The Internet, which we are continually told binds us all together, nevertheless engenders in me a similar sense of Diaspora, a feeling of being everywhere and nowhere. Where else but in the middle of Diaspora do you need a “home page”?

- Jonathan Rosen, The Talmud and the Internet, p. 14 July 5, 1993:
“On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog.”

“On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Dog.” Scenes from Facebook hiya- im skipping my second class tomorrow, so i wont be around [school] unless you wanna have lunch- arent you going home? if so we can raincheck it for two fridays form now (after thanksgiving break)its up to you, let me know :) D*** B*** (no network) wrote at 3:34am yesterday
ok i know i am a little late here but that suck i cant stand sitin here readin these comments about u gettin better u r one sad little **** cause u know wat u need to grow a set of balls and say ur sry for wat u did ever if u didnt mean to … u messed up and u do need to at least say sry but i do have to say u will get wats comin for u … oh i most likely will write somemore cause i hate this little **** … i really hope ur happy wit ur self and can live wit ur self cause if i were u which i am glad i am not i couldnt live wit myself … boo whoo
The Law of Unintended Consequences Chapter 1 - The E-mail Chapter 2 - The Plot Thickens Chapter 3 - Payback My advice to students is that they only post information online that they would feel comfortable sharing with their grandmother. If their grandmother would not want to hear about the behaviors of the student, then don’t post it anywhere online. Posting information online is like getting a tattoo. There’s nothing inherently wrong with posting information online or getting a tattoo, but in both cases you need to be prepared for it to be out there forever and for people to see it whom you may not want to see it. If you’re not prepared to live with that, then don’t do it.
Steven Rothberg, www.collegerecruiter.com
Taking Our Friendships and Romantic Relationships Online How are your friendships and your romantic relationships different from the ones your parents had when they were your age? JANUARY 28 – A pair of Indiana middle school students are the latest to face felony charges for allegedly “sexting” naked photos to each other. The students were charged in connection with an incident last week at Ben Franklin Middle School in Valparaiso. The students are each facing felony child exploitation and possession of child pornography charges, according to the police report. The case against them began last week when the girl had her cell phone confiscated after it rang during class. Crying, she told a teacher that “a boy had sent her a dirty picture and she was going to get into trouble.” A subsequent investigation determined that the boy had sent her a photo of his “exposed genitals” and that she had responded by texting him a shot of her “exposed body and breasts.” The girl, the report notes, showed the explicit photo of the boy to a friend of hers, a seventh grade student at a local Catholic school. After conferring with prosecutors, the juveniles were charged with the two felony counts.
Kids Face Felony Charges NBA: Spurs’ Tony Parker admits to ‘sexting’ but denies physical affair San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker admits he had a “sexting relationship” with the wife of former teammate Brent Barry, but denies ever having a physical affair with her, TMZ.com reported Thursday.

“Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria filed for divorce Wednesday from Parker in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

However, sources connected to Parker tell TMZ that Parker was planning to file divorce papers in San Antonio, but Longoria “talked him out of it because she wanted to file in Los Angeles.”

Sources close to Longoria deny that, saying the couple was trying to work things out up until the papers were filed, according to TMZ.
San Antonio television station KENS 5 reported Thursday that the 38-year-old Barry filed divorce papers, stating that he and his wife Erin “ceased to live together as husband and wife.”

Longoria, 35, said she found hundreds of text messages from Erin Barry on Parker’s cell phone, according to OK! Magazine. She also claimed that Parker cheated with another woman earlier in their three-year marriage.

Parker, a 28-year-old native of France, has played point guard for the Spurs since 2001, winning three NBA titles during that span. He played in the team’s win over Chicago Wednesday, scoring 21 points and dishing out seven assists.

In past seasons, Longoria usually sat across from the Spurs’ bench at the team’s home games, but had not been seen in the arena this season.

Parker and Barry played together in San Antonio from 2004 to 2008. Barry retired after being released by Houston in Oct. 2009 and now works as an analyst for NBA TV. Relationship ethics online What can be made public, and what should remain private?
Does online intimacy (or intimacy via cell phone) count as “sex”?
Does it count as cheating if you’re in a relationship with someone else?
How do you think technology makes modern relationships easier? In what ways does it makes them more challenging?
Strategies & Solutions What Does Jewish Tradition Have to Say? A Jewish View of Intimacy “Acquire yourself a friend.” [Avot 1:6]

This means that a person should acquire a friend for one’s self to eat with, to drink with, and to read with, and to study Mishnah with, and to lodge with, and who will reveal all of their secrets – the secrets of the Torah and the secrets of common decency.
- Avot d’Rabbi Natan A View from the Talmud Mah tovu ohalecha, Ya’acov; mishkenotecha, Yisrael!

How good are your tents, O Jacob; your dwelling-places, O Israel!

Numbers 24:5
In a courtyard shared with others, one should not open a door facing another person’s door, or a window facing another person’s window. If [the windows] are small, he should not enlarge them, and he should not turn one [window] into two. On the side of a street, however, one may make a door facing another person’s door and a window facing another’s window, and if [the windows] are small, he may enlarge them, or he may make one [window] into two.

Where do these rules come from? Rabbi Yochanan said: From the verse of Torah, "And Balaam lifted up his eyes and he saw Israel dwelling according to their tribes." This indicates that he saw that the doors of their tents did not exactly face one another, whereupon he exclaimed: How good these dwelling places are! Let the Divine Presence rest upon them!

Babylonian Talmud, Bava Batra 60a
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