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the dangers of facebook, and the good facebook can do.

Lapua Smith

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of FACEBOOK

FaceBook Facebook has a bunch good uses Such as connecting people who are far apart Helping people locate lost ones Helping companies get instant feedback on products Keeping in touch with friends Sharing ideas with people Facebook also has many problems as well Privacy isn't a big part of facebook People can be stalked on Facebook Loss of personal information may lead to identity theft Watch what you say many people can see what you post Online predators may use facebook Privacy Facebook uses the take it or leave it principle Your privacy may be at risk when you post things on Facebook Facebook keeps the right to alter your privacy settings People may be able to get into your facebook page and see what you post The Open Graph The open graph embeds Facebook into anywhere on the web This allows webstites and advertisesment appear to you when you are on Facebook For one case if you say that you like a certain product such as coke cola on Facebook be ready for a bunch of advertisesments on the product that you said you liked Freedom of expression is great but people can take it too far Pros of Facebook Great way to connect with people You can search for friends that you want to reconnect with You can share your ideas with friends on facebook Cons of Facebook Everyone wants to be your friend People might use facebook to stalk you You may get in troble for what you post When they say hateful things A persons privacy might be at risk when on facebook When people say harmful things on facebook They subject themselves to investigation on facebook and might make you change what you arre saying If you what to express yourself to the fullest degree don't do it on facebook One privacy setting you might want to change is The checking in to places seetting This setting lets your friends check you into places You want to change as soon as possible for everyone in the world can see where you have been Please use facebook carefully and responsibly By Jarrett T and Matt B
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