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A book report on the Book Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

taylor smith

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Marked

Marked House of Night Book 1 by
P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast Setting Main Characters Genre Main Events Problem Recommendation they are mother and daughter Science Fiction: Fantasy its a vampyre book This is the who the book is about Zoey's human boyfrind/ex-boyfriend Zoey's vampiire fledging boyfrined Zoey's Mentor and the Vampire High Priestess of Nyx at the Tusla House of Night Zoey gets "marked" by a tracker Tusla, Oklahoma present day Heath Luck Eric Night Neferet Stevie Ray Johnson Damien Maslin Shaunee Cole Erin Bates Aphrodite LaFont Grandma Sylvia Redbird Linda and John Heffer Zoey Redbird young adult Zoey finds out that she has special powers for all five elements: air, earth, wind, fire water and spirt. Zoey sees the Otherworld Zoey sees "ghosts" of two kids that didn't make the Change Zoey is named leader of the Dark Daughters Zoey has conflicts with Aphrodite Zoey Imprints with her human ex boyfriend/boyfriend Zoey sees the "ghosts" it's a book that I couldn't put down I was always like just one more chapter; then I'll go to bed. this is who it's all about Somethings up with Neferet It's a good book to read if your looking for a series; right now there is is seven books. House of Night in Tusla
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