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Subject Pronouns

Subject Pronouns are easy!

Grace Williams

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Subject Pronouns

Pronouns Subject Pronouns In French Singular Plural je (I)
tu (you)
il (he)
elle (she) nous (we)
vous (you)
ils (they)
elles (they) Just like in English,
French subject pronouns replace a person or thing in a sentence. For Example: 1. Elle est tres contente. 2. Il aime le bonbons. 3. Nous sommes fatigues Translate Into English Bill aime cuisiner. Replace "Bill" with a subject pronoun. Il aime cuisiner. Timmy mange une banane. Translate Into English Replace "Timmy" with a subject pronoun. Il mange une banane. Plural Subject Pronouns Julia et Pierre mangent. Replace "Julie and Pierre" with a subject pronoun. Ils mangent. Things To Remember... 1. Find the subject noun in your sentence.
2. Replace the subject noun with the correct subject pronoun.
3. Make sure you use the pronoun correctly (i.e. Singular or Plural). Au revoir mon ami!
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