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Solar panels for schools

No description

Trenton Poff

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Solar panels for schools

What They Cost
Solar Panels
Solar panels for schools
- Avoid Utility costs and rate spikes
- If you are in a state with SREC, you gain more money if you sell your excess electricity to the grid
- Can save up to $25000 in 20 years
Reasons to go solar
How they work
Silicon (an element contained in sand) will gain an electric charge when exposed to sunlight.
PV system
1. Solar photovoltaic panels- collect sunlight
2. Inverters- take the charge and converts it to direct current.
- String, Micro, Power optimizers
3. Racking and mounting system
- Track and Fixed
4. Performance monitoring system

Different Variety
You can get them as Panels, Roofing, Walls, Floors, Sidewalks and even as a battery pack for your phone
- Hardly any need for repairs or replacements
- Solar panels are very durable
- Should be mounted at a 15 degree angle to be self cleaning from snow or rain
- All dependent on what you want in a solar panel and what state you live in
- Base price is around $11,600 for a functional system
- Get rid of electric bills
- Self sufficient
- Environmentally friendly
- Increase property values - a standard 6 kilowatt solar PV system can add up to $24000 a home’s resale value


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