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No description

Wendy Lee

on 17 August 2016

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Transcript of TeCh-KnOw

Technology Itegrated CO-TEACHING

Together WE are going to use your standards based lesson plans and integrate them with technology to transform instruction and increase student engagement. This teaching model is known as digitial learning. Through this model all of our students will show increased achievement. Authentic digital learning is 21st Century Education!
How do I provide digitial learning
opportunities in my classroom?

First - We must clearly understand what different levels of technology integrated instruction looks like!

What levels of the SAMR model have you taught at?
Prepare & Plan
Future professional development:
- Teaching students and teachers how to use technology
- iTUNES U, SAMR model exploration, Minecraft Education, LEGO Education, Digitial Story Telling, SEE SAW & MORE!
- Digitial Citizenship
- ?
What is a TIS?

A TIS is a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). The purpose of the TIS program is to support teachers who integrate technology as a means:

- to improve quality of instruction and student
- to increase achievement of all students
- to build or strengthen co-teaching relationships


Teacher Training -

Today: What is a TIS & Introduction of SAMR Model

Future: iTUNES U, SAMR model exploration, Minecraft Education, LEGO Education, Digitial Story Telling, SEE SAW & MORE!
You can reach me via email: wlee@k12.wv.us or cell - 571-287-6585 (call or text)
- My job as a TIS is to work with you to prepare technology integrated lessons (SAMR) and together we make our students digital learners.
- We can meet during planning, before and after school or a scheduled time.
- I will be providing professional development throughout the year...........
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