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CSU New Gen Timeline

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Macy Parker

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of CSU New Gen Timeline

Draft Timeline
CSU New Generation of Educators Initiative

RFP Process
Phase 1
Cohort 1 campuses bring to scale
Second planning grant
First round of funding
Second round of funding
Third round of funding
Recommendations for Implementation of
California State University
New Generation of Educators Initiative
The CSU is committed to producing educators who are ready to succeed in the era of new standards.
Producing this "new generation" will require significant shifts to historic teacher preparation practices.
What teachers learn is different from what they must teach
Content instruction at the undergraduate level may not be not aligned to the new standards, especially for candidates who transfer from Community Colleges

Most content instruction is divorced from instruction in how to teach the content. Teachers may learn math, but not how to teach math to their future students.

Student teaching varies widely in quantity and quality
Not all teachers master the same key skills
Length of student teaching, selection and training of "master teachers", and alignment between practice and coursework vary widely among campuses.

Many candidates are placed with "master teachers" who were not trained
to coach new teachers.
Historic Teacher Preparation Practices
K-12 does not always align with CSU about what new teachers must know and be able to do.
K-12 and CSU may not be collaborating to ensure student teachers have high quality opportunities to learn from master teachers.
K-12 Partnership
There is not a common understanding among CSU campuses about what new teachers should be able to do, thus it is hard to assess how well teacher preparation is working.
Programs are often not structured to provide direct instruction and coaching in key classroom teaching skills.
Progress thus far:
Faculty Working Group convened to determine set of key skills for beginning teachers
All campuses give a summative performance assessment
K-12 Partnership
Preparing a new generation of teachers ready to succeed in teaching the new standards will require CSU campuses to address all of these five areas.

In some cases, this progress has already begun.
Work ahead:
Continue alignment of undergraduate curricula with new standards
Work with community colleges, where appropriate, to align curricula
Provide more opportunities for candidates to learn and practice not just content, but content knowledge for teaching
Provide student teaching experiences of at least a full school year, beginning on the first day of school
Work with districts to identify, train, and reward successful master teachers
Align student teaching practice with curriculum
System Culture
Faculty earn tenure and promotion by publishing research, not necessarily by producing high quality teachers.
CSU teacher preparation is influenced by the campuses relationship to K-12 partners and by the cultural context of schools of education.
Schools of Education may not be perceived as having the same status as other schools and departments, which can impact recruitment of teacher candidates.
Work ahead:
Revise list of key skills to ensure they are concrete and measurable
Ensure faculty are prepared to design instructional activities aligned with skills
Ensure performance assessments incorporate newly identified skills and provide data to inform continued program improvement
Progress thus far:
System-wide efforts to align undergraduate Math and Science content to new standards
"Blended" pathway programs providing undergraduates with pedagogical practice in place at a small number of campuses
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