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About Me!

No description

Olivia Nivala

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of About Me!

My Intrests and My Favorite Class
Im am very intrested in the game... Five Nights at Freddy's aka FNAF, and my other intrests are making movies(specifically directing them), reading, writing, and I also kinda like acting!
If you get team 7B you'll want to make sure that you don't talk to much or you'll be in detention all the time and make sure to focus on your work and don't talk to your friends because if you want to talk to them at lunch you won't be able to because you will get a homework hall pass. Also don't get dress coded.
About My Family/HouseHold
My house hold is ginormus and very crowded with 8 people living in it My Mom and Dad's names are Sara and Mike, and I have 1 little sister here Name is Cady and one of your Fellow 7th graders! I also have 1 little brother and his name is Michael or Mikey. In the rest of my house hold I have my Aunt Thyra, my Uncle Rob,and my cousin Heidi who actually feels like a sister to me , but she my cousin and here is a picture of my family and just me and my siblings
Advice About This Class
I don't have much advice except for one thing... ALWAYS ALWAY ALWAY ALWAYS FINISH YOUR WORK ON TIME OR else you be behind on all of the work for pretty much the rest of the semseter!
Other Advice
The other advice that I may have for you is that if you need help on something like a topic for math or science get help you can always go in during lunch and ask for help don't just hold back on getting help and let your grades drop! Get help from you teachers they are aways there for you!
About Me at Ore Creek Middle School
By: Olivia Nivala

Computer Apps
Computer Apps is generally a fun class, You get to do a lot of prodjects and fun assignments with partners and what I would change is that you would have a little free time at the end of class on friday to play games like a end of the week treat. My favorite prodject was probably the band brochure because you got to make up your own band! HOW COOL IS THAT?!
Ore Creek
Ore Creek is a great place with great teachers who are fun but don't get in trouble or its almost guarnteed to get a detention but other than that everything is cool here you get to have great teachers and overall a great school to be in for being safe. But what I would change would be the dress code. The dress code is way to strict for gals because girls want to wear tank tops and leggings but you have to wear a finger tip length shirt to wear leggings which just makes you look like a slob.
About Me!
I am Olivia Nivala, and I have a family of 5, but live with 8 people, Yep thats right. 4 adults 4 kids and plus, we have 6 dogs and 3 cats.
My Favorite Class is probably science with Mrs. Smarch(#7B Rules), because I love being around here I guess because shes fun but strict and you don't usually get away with anything which is what we need in teachers and because we get do really fun prodjects with her and some can be messy so don't wear good things to science
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