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Pranks: An Academic Tradition

A short history of student pranks at Michigan State University.

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Transcript of Pranks: An Academic Tradition

Pranks: An Academic Tradition
Horace once said, "Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It's good to be silly at the right moment," and MSU students have taken his words to heart from the institutions very beginnings. In the midst of their term papers and exams, employment and families, these students have taken time from their many responsibilities to have a little fun with their classmates. Some of these pranks were simply amusing and playful, such as dousing unsuspecting sunbathing friends with water or creating clay breasts for the Sparty statue. Other pranks may have had a more malicious intent, such as stacking all the furniture in a classmate's room or vandalizing police cars and antagonizing the police. Some pranks seem to have simply gotten out of hand as they took on lives of their own, such as the snowball fight which escalated into a riot or the furniture which ended up in the Red Cedar River. This collection of practical jokes spans MSU's long history and no doubt will be enhanced by MSU's future generations of students. As you explore these tomfooleries, perhaps you will be reminded of shenanigans in which you were involved, or perhaps you will find inspiration in these student's antics! After all, Plato reminds us that "even the gods love jokes."
Exhibit by: Alex Conell
Prezi by: Emma Busch
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