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Vanessa and The Seven Johanna's c; <3

No description

Vanessa Mercado

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Vanessa and The Seven Johanna's c; <3

Vanessa and The Seven Johanna's c; <3 Once upon a time.... their was a girl named Vanessa, she lived with her evil father that was really mean!.-. He didn't let her do nothing not go with her friends he didn't even let her go on facebook nor tumbler!-,- One day she wanted to go on facebook so bad ,so she went on it but her father caught her and slaped her. Since her father slaped her
she got angry and away..... She ran and ran so she can get as far away from her house as possible until she came upon this little house......... So she stoped running and went into the house, it was so dirty!... clothes on the floor Mcdonald's bags everywhere!..... When she saw the mess she was to lazy to pick it wasn't her mess anyway so she laid
down on the sofa and watched Jersy Shore.... Then she heared the door open so she went to see what it was....then she saw 7 small Johanna's with bags full of clothes... They told her "what are you doing in our house"! she said she ran away from home... One of the Johanna's said "Go check if she stoled our clothes"!;o but Vanessa said your clothes don't fit me your to small... "Ok then you can stay here said one of the Johanna's "as long as you clean our mess"..
"who do you think I am" Vanessa said "Our slave if you wanna live here" all of the Johanna's said..fine then but not all your mess said Vanessa Okay so one of the Johanna's tell Vanessa
"well hurry up and clean this mess were going shopping" said one of the Johanna's
Aww but i wanna go shopping Vanessa said... Then one of the Johanna's said nope your
staying here wash our dirty stanky clothes
... "ok then" said Vanessa "ok were leaving" said one of the Johanna's... but was tired of being a slave so she left and went back home. To Be Continued! :D
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