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No description

Leah Turner

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of health

CARAMEL DELITES !! Fat!! Saturated Fats: 6grams
6grams of Saturated fat is 29%
of your daily value which is bad.
Total Fat is 7grams
7grams is about 11% of your daily
value which isn't that bad but
since it's mostly saturated fat it's
not very good. Carbs!! There are 19grams of carbohydrates.
This is 6% of your daily value which isn't
a big deal. Protein!! There is 1gram of protein which is very low so this food is not a good source of protein Sodium!! There is 85 mg of sodium
This is 4% of your daily value which
isn't alot so it's all good. (: Igredients!! Most of the ingredients were easy to understand but there were a few like Thiamine Mononitrate and thiamine that I didn't understand.
Thiamine mononitrate

A water-soluble component of the B vitamin complex, found particularly in pork, organ meats, legumes, nuts, and whole grain or enriched breads and cereals. Evaluationnn!! This food isn't great for you but
if you only have it once in a while
then that is fine. (:
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