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History of Vietnamese Immigration

No description

Bri A

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of History of Vietnamese Immigration

History of Vietnamese Immigration The history of Vietnamese immiration to
the United States is relatively new... The "fall of Saigon" on April 30, 1975,
ended the Vietnam war and began the first of two surges of immigration from Vietnam to the United states As part of “Operation New Life.” They were airlifted on U.S. military cargo ships and transferred to United States government bases in Guam, Thailand, Wake Island, Hawaii and the Philippines 135,000 Vietnamese citizens fled their country during the Spring of 1975 In 1977, a second wave of Vietnamese refugees began fleeing Vietnam. About 2 million Vietnamese fled the
country due to the new unreasonable policies In 1980 the Refugee Act was passed by Congress They were known as "boat people" Questions What started the first wave of Vietnamese immigration? What year was the first surge of immgration? Where were the "boat people" headed toward? Done! Thanks for listening :)
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