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rolly garciano

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


We will rebuild the Government Service Insurance
System as the premier pension fund institution and as a world-class center for providing the highest quality of service to its members. The GSIS will be an organization that is transparent, autonomous and beyond public reproach.


To regain the trust and confidence of stakeholders, we will singularly pursue the social mission of our charter and promote an efficient organization that is fully-automated and member-focused. We will relentlessly strive for continual improvement in our services driven by integrity, professionalism, and a culture of public service. We will sustain the financial viability of the System and ensure its prolonged actuarial life, for the benefit not only of existing members, but also of the next generation of government employees. We will restore the pride of GSIS so as to retain and recruit staff that share the commitment of the System. Finally, we will endeavor to empower our members to enable them to participate in the evolution of our institution

SWOT analysis

- Financial leverage allows GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) to use their balance sheet to expand their business and increase their profits.
-Strong management can help GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) reach its potential by utilizing strengths and eliminating weaknesses.
-Superior technology allows GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) to better meet the needs of their customers in ways that competitors can’t imitate.


- Negative feedback from people to GSIS (Government Service Insurance System).
- because here in General Santos City there is a rotating brown out that’s why scarcity of electricity come ,
because they all using the machines for the operations of GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) .

- all government employee must be a policy holder a certain insurance company like GSIS (Government Service Insurance System).
- Leveraging the balance sheet allows GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) to quickly expand into other markets and products,
especially in fragmented industries.
- Greater innovation can help GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) to produce unique products and services that meet customer’s needs.
This qualitative factor will lead to a decrease in costs.
- New technology helps GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) to better meet their customer’s needs with new and improved products and services.
Technology also builds competitive barriers against rivals.

- Politics can increase GSIS (Government Service Insurance System’s) risk factors, because governments can quickly change business rules that negatively
affect GSIS (Government Service Insurance System’s) business. ‘’Political Risk GSIS (Government Service Insurance System’s)’’ has a significant impact,
so an analyst should put more weight into it.
-Changes to government rules and regulations can negatively affect GSIS (Government Service Insurance System).
-If ever the unexpected event like calamities to destroy the building must be insured to GSIS (Government Service Insurance System’s) is liable to pay the damages.

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& Rolly

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