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Inhealth Presentaties

on 5 November 2018

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Transcript of Fluor

"What are the main risks and opportunities to take into consideration when further developing Health Management?"
"What are the main reasons to (further) shape Health Management?"
"Which important strategic goals contribute to further shape Health Management?
"What are the main ambitions of the company, and how do these relate to Health Management?"
"Which target groups do we want to reach, and what do they look like?"
"Which themes / topics are important for staff & employees?"
"Which development would we like to see here?
How does Fluor look at her employees / what does Fluor expect?
"What are the main criteria to consolidate leadership within Health Management?"
"How is Health Management secured within planning and control / ongoing improvement cylce?"
"How is Health Management associated to other leadership programs in the organisation?"
"What is expected from management & leadership within the organization, in relation to Health Management?"
"How is management & leadership structured?"
"Which internal and external stakeholders have an important role in Health Management?"
"How is the governance and mandate on national and international level guaranteed?"
"Which stakeholders have influence and/or interest?"
"How do we deal with diversity within the organization?"
"What are cultural characteristics and/or differences which could influence the policy and implementation of Health Management?"
"How does 'change' work in the organization? What is the best approach to make a success of Health Management?"
"What is the typical way of working within the organization, and what does this mean for Health Management?
"What are the intended process and output results?"
"How can results be measured and reported?"
"Which stakeholders/levels in the organization should be taken into account when considering the output?"
"What should be the main message of Health Management to activate target groups?"
"Which tone of voice?"
"Which distribution channels and tools are available and / or fitting?"
"What inspires and motivates?"
"What are do's and don'ts?"
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