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Remi Roure

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of IRT PREZI

Are Electric Cars better
than Hybrid cars? Info Report Text Book Review Fine Arts Introduction Do you think Electric Cars are better than Hybrid Cars? Or do you think Hybrid Cars are better than Electric Cars. This Info Report will explain the advantages and the disadvantages of each car. Before all the gasoline cars there were no cars, just carriages pulled by horse. In those days only the rich could afford these vehicles. Questions? Thank you for watching my presentation Speed Kills! Bibliography 1st day 2nd day 3rd day Journal Entries 1st entry 2nd entry 3rd entry 19/7/12

I haven't really
started. I dont no how
to find a novel about
Hybrid and electric
cars and what I should
write about in my
narrative. I think my
topic will be fun. 31/7/12

IRT is really fun at the
moment. I'm just not
to sure what I should
put in my intro.
Everything is up to
date. 28/8/12

I finished my book-
review, info report
and finearts, but I
still need to do my
prezi. Nearly
finished my narrative. For my fine arts I made a model of an electric car. The
features of this car are: you can lift the
hood of the car and see the different engines/motors inside. This piece of art really
connects with my topic because it
will show what a Hybrid or an electric car might look like. Materials:
White paint; sticky tape; thick cardboard; see through plastic; straws;
paint brushes; satay sticks and corks. Steps:
The first step that I did to make this car was to make the model, also
I left some gaps in the car for the windows.

The second step I did was add all the windows in the gaps, after that
I painted the car white. I left the car outside to dry.

After the painting I put holes on each side of the car, and then I
inserted the straws in the little holes. After that I added the corks at
the end of the straws. After everything was dry I inserted the engine.

I decided to make this firstly because my mum and dad thought it would be a good idea and secondly because I love building things. Hybrid and Electric cars have been around since the 1835’s however in the 1900’s they nearly disappeared because there was the new invention. They made the gasoline car. Gasoline cars had longer autonomy and could go a lot faster. When the petrol became more expensive, manufacturers decided to remake electric cars and some carmakers developed the hybrid car which is better for the environment because they make less pollution than gasoline cars. Pop Art Questions?
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