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Derrick Duncan

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Finally Nature vs nurture Serial Killers O.J Simpson O.J Simpson was a famous Football player who played for the Buffalo Bills.
He meet Nicole Brown when she was 17 and they got married and had an affair with other people.
H also became a movie star.
He became a murderer who has killed his wife and Ron Goldman.
He tried to get away with murdered but he didn't. Lizzie Borden She killed her parents with an Axe
she was born on July, 19, 1860
she had one older sister Emma Borden
she was grown up in wealth family her dad was business man in Fall River,Massachusetts the argument of weather people do bad things because of their life experiences or because of their genetic makeup. we will attempt to answer these question with the information we found from our research on our criminals. Bonnie & Clyde punished How caught video most important info concerning influences crimes Richard Ramirez Charles Manson Bonnie:
October 1, 1910 Rowena, Tx
Was good in school until she dropt out at 16
Came from a well good family
Died in gun fire May 23, 1934
March 24, 1909 Telice, Tx
Liked to Ditch School and in out trouble
Family was not disaplined
Died in gun fire May 23, 1934 Ricardo Leyva a.k.a. Richard Ramirez was born in El Paso, Texas, on February 28, 1960, to Julian and Mercedes Ramirez. Richard was the youngest child of six, epileptic, and described by his father as being "a good boy.He is still alive in jail. Crimes:
Robbing banks, gas stations, and stilling cars
Kid napping
Murdering lawman and the inocent Charles Milles Manson is an American criminal and musician who led what became known as the Manson Family, a quasi-commune that arose in California in the late 1960s. Birth: O.J Simpson was born on June 9, 1947. •July 5 - Deidre Palmer, age 16, survived being beaten with a tire iron. •July 2 - Mary Cannon, age 75, was beaten and her throat slit. •June 28 - Patty Higgins, age 32, was beaten and her throat slit. •June 27 - Ramirez raped a 6-year-old girl in Acadia. •July 7 - Joyce Lucille Nelson, 61, was bludgeoned to death. •July 7 - Linda Fortuna, 63, was attacked and Ramirez tried to rape her, but failed. •July 20 - Maxson Kneiling, 66, and his wife Lela, also 66, were shot and their corpses, mutilated. •June 27 - Ramirez raped a 6-year-old girl in Acadia Influence:
Helping Clyde breakout of jail for the first time was the first start of a life time of crime together. B Bonnie and Clyde were ratted out by their friend Malcom. The clip is a little off, but mostlly rite. Lawman and armed citizens waited in the bushes for them. They died in gunfire 48 times in their stolen car. Born: November 12, 1934 (age 78), Cincinnati
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
Children: Charles Manson, Jr., Charles Luther Manson, Valentine Michael Manson
Parents: William Manson, Kathleen Maddox Crimes
By age nine, Charles Manson had already started stealing and soon added burglary and stealing cars to his repertoire.
In 1958, while out of prison, Manson began pimping, stealing checks from mailboxes, and conned a young woman out of money.
Manson was again arrested on June 1, 1960 Manson's Trial
In December 1969, Manson and several of his followers were arrested. The trial began on July 24, 1970. On January 25, Manson was found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. On March 29, 1971, Manson was sentenced to death.

•July 2 - Mary Cannon, age 75, was beaten and her throat slit. •June 28 - Patty Higgins, age 32, was beaten and her throat slit. •July 5 - Deidre Palmer, age 16, survived being beaten with a tire iron. •July 20, Chitat Assawahem, 31, was shot and his wife Sakima, 29, was beaten then forced to perform oral sex. Ramirez then collected $30,000 in valuables, but before leaving, he sodomized the couple's eight-year-old son. Mike, home from Vietnam, shared gruesome pictures of rape and human torture with Richard, who became fascinated with the pictorial brutality The two spent a lot of time together, smoking pot and talking about war. On one such day, Mike's wife began to complain about Mike's laziness. Mike's reaction was to kill her by shooting her in the face Ramirez's abuse father and 5th grade teacher who sexual herased Ramirez and his brothers had a huge influence on him Ramirez tried to steal a car, but the owner was underneath it doing repairs. When Ramirez started the engine, the man pulled out from beneath the car and began chasing Ramirez. The mob that was in pursuit of Ramirez, now armed with steal rods, caught up with him. He was subdued, while some of the mob beat him, until the police arrived. On September, 20, 1989, The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, was found guilty on 43 counts in Los Angeles County, including 13 murders, and charges including burglary, sodomy, and rape. He was sentenced to death on each count of murder. After receiving his sentence, Ramirez responded, "Big deal," he said. "Death always went with the territory." and told reporters, "I'll see you in Disneyland." Currently Ramirez is in San Quentin Prison, where he sits on death row, until he is out of appeals. she killed her parents for money and property
she gave fifteen wrecks to her stepmother Abby Borden. they couldn't find any evidence towards Lizzie and they found her not guilty Born July 9,1947
Got cot stilling out of a hotalroom
Sintest to 9 years or life in prison
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