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Soren Chemicals Analysis

No description

Prachi Varma

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Soren Chemicals Analysis

Soren Chemicals
What or how much is the value (monetary) advantage of Coracle over the competitor brands?,
 Calculate the total expenses of the American private pool owners.
Total number of residential pools: 9 million
40000- 50000 pool contractors
80 % maintain their own pool
MRP of Coracle = $25

Gallon per container = $50
Average number of gallons an average pool has = 20000(assuming)

Now calculate how much Coracle price effective is over other brands.
How can it defeat other brands in terms of price

Refer : Group3_Soren_Chemicals.xlsx sheet: Financial Analysis
Detail 3
Case Study analysis
The sales, 7450 units of Coracle, a water clarifier by Soren Chemicals in the first half of the selling season for pool chemicals was far short of its target of 100,000 units. The other side of this coin is the problem that how to effectively distribute Coracle to the retailers and how to convince retailers about the market of Coracle. A higher side of the problem is to attract consumers to this product.
Finding the Alternatives:
The Alternatives
Soren had launched Coracle in unsuitable month because September is the last busy month for swimming season, it cannot be referred as a good season for sales.

Accept Morrits marketing budget proposal, to promote to end-user not only to distributor chain.

Consumer education.

Review the pricing and package strategy because it is sensitive to end-consumer.

Review the agreement between Soren and distributor about “differentiated Chemical Agent”

Action Plan
Prioritize the restructuring of product pricing strategy.
Renegotiate with wholesale distributor about gross margin about 20% which would lead to decrease in retail price.
At 20% ->$22
At 25%->$23
Promote aggressively to end-consumer.
Creating demand from the consumer side will force wholesalers and distributors to provide the product.
Educate consumer about the advantages of products.
Re-launch the product in the market in summer.(swimming seasons).
Soren has to try to bypass the wholesale distributors, selling limited range to wall mart and home depot.

Opportunity exists in terms of margins for the distributors and retailers

Deliver a clear message to the end users and make them aware of the facts about product offering

Define clear margins for the distributors who may sell the diluted product

Conclusions and Suggestions
Defining the crucial Issue: How different alternatives from the marketing theory are feasible, and analysis of the company , like SWOT.
Refer : Group3_Soren_Chemicals.xlsx sheet: SWOT Analysis

Recommendations: What recommendation can we give to the company to increase its market share.

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