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Sexually Transmitted Infections

No description

Kelly Gainor

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Ain't love grand? Sexually Transmitted Infections GUESS THE INFECTION! It's time to play America's favorite game show! STI #1
It’s been three weeks since I had sex with that guy who didn't have a condom. And now I've got something a lot like the flu. I’m running a fever and my head hurts. I’m so tired, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. But the last time I had the flu, I didn't have these mouth sores – or this red rash on my chest. If it’s not the flu, what is it? HIV Facts about HIV
After initial infection, no symptoms for years.
Only transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk.
Know your status, the sooner it is caught the better! STI #2
It can’t be an STI – can it? I still think of myself as technically a virgin. I did have sex – but my boyfriend only put his penis a little way into my vagina. And he doesn’t have any symptoms! Maybe this burning feeling when I urinate will just go away. Won’t it? Chlamydia Facts about chlamydia
Usually asymptomatic
Can lead to PID, epididimitis, sterility
Treated with antibiotics
Only transmitted through anal and vagina sex, or from mother-to-child at birth STI #3
I had anal sex with another guy. I put on a condom before sex, of course, but it broke. It’s been a few days since then, and now I’ve got this yellow drip from the tip of my penis. Otherwise, I feel fine. Won’t it just go away? Gonorrhea Facts about gonorrhea
Often have no symptoms (esp women)
Can lead to pregnancy complications, infertility, and arthritis
Treated with antibiotics
Passed via anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse, and from mother to child during birth STI #4
A few months ago, during foreplay, my husband noticed a cluster of blisters on the inner lip of my vulva. It turned into a sore that hurt for about a week and then it crusted over and went away. Now it’s months later, and I have a nasty blister on my butt. My husband doesn’t get any blisters on his genitals, although once in a while he gets a cold sore on his mouth. I don’t think it’s an STI, do you? Herpes Facts about herpes
First blisters will appear 2-20 days after infection
Never as bad as first outbreak
Controlled with certain medications
Can be spread by kissing, touching, and sexual contact (Note: Sores do not need to be present)
Herpes makes HIV infection risk greater STI #5
I moped around for more than a month after breaking up with my girlfriend. Just when I started feeling like seeing other women again, I noticed a cluster of moist little sacks of flesh near my vagina. Since then it got a bit bigger and turned whitish. It looks like a little cauliflower! I’m very embarrassed. How can I ever have sex with anybody ever again? HPV Facts about HPV
Usually asymptomatic (esp. high-risk HPV)
Can cause genital cancers
No treatment, vaccine is available (Gardasil)
Spread by skin-to-skin contact (usually anal, oral, or vaginal sex). STI #6
I've started seeing this guy I’m crazy about and, yes, we’re having sex….Or we were having sex. Now I’ve got these horrible symptoms. I’m having a lot of greenish yellow, frothy discharge from my vagina. I’m sore all around my vaginal area and upper thighs. My boyfriend is just fine. Is it just me or what? Trich Facts about Trichomoniasis
Caused by a protozoan
Often asymptomatic (esp men)
Can be treated
Spread through vaginal intercourse, sharing of sex toys, or mutual masturbation if fluid from one partner touches the other STI #7
Okay, I had an affair. But I broke it off after just a couple of times. I feel terrible about it. I’ll never do it again. Since my wife doesn't know about it, I don’t want to hurt her feelings for no reason. Only problem is, about three weeks later I got this sore. Just one of them. It was on my penis, but it didn't hurt at all. I made excuses not to have sex with my wife, and it healed after about a month. I thought it was all over, but now I’m getting these rashes on my palms and soles. Any connection? Syphilis Facts about syphilis
Often asymptomatic or unnoticeable
Treated with antibiotics
Can lead to nervous system damage, heart damage, blindness, etc, if left untreated.
Spread by contact with sores, usually through oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Miscellaneous STIs Chancroid Facts about Chancroid
Sores on the penis, vulva and rectum, especially near the opening of the vagina
Treated with antibiotics
Spread through skin-to-skin contact during sex play
Relatively rare in the US Molluscum Contagiosum Facts about molluscum
Small, waxy, round growths in the genital area or thighs
Treatment involves removal of growths
Spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex, non-sexual, intimate contact, and sharing clothing or towels. Public Lice (Crabs) Facts about pubic lice:
Itching, blue spots on pubic area, presence of egg sacs
Treatment involves special shampoo (just like head lice!)
Spread through sexual contact, or sharing of clothes, towels, etc. Scabies Facts about scabies:
Symptoms include intense itching and dirty looking bumps or rashes.
Treatment with medication
Spread through close personal contact and sharing clothes or bedding. How common are they? STI Snapshot 19 Million
STIs are one of the most critical health challenges facing the nation today. CDC estimates that there are 19 million new infections every year in the United States.

$17 Billion
STIs cost the U.S. health care system $17 billion every year—and cost individuals even more in immediate and life-long health consequences. 2010 A Word on Stigma STI's come with much more than a rash!
Many people who suffer from STIs also suffer from stigma, being treated a certain way because of their disease.
STIs are incredibly common and affect all kinds of people from all different walks of life.
Blaming people for STIs only decreases the chances that they will get tested or treatment. It's like elbow pads for your genitals! Safer Sex What is Safer Sex? Safer sex is anything we do during sex play to reduce our risk of getting an infection.

These are the most important ways to practice safer sex:
1. Understand and be honest about the risks we take.
2. Keep our blood, pre-ejaculate, semen, or vaginal fluids out of each other's bodies.
3. Always use latex or female condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse. Always use condoms or dental dams for oral sex.
4. Don't engage in sex play when we have a sore caused by a sexually transmitted disease.
5. Get tested!
6. Find ways to make safer sex as pleasurable as possible! Condoms, condoms, condoms! Let's Review No Risk
Sex between monogamous, unexposed partners (if it is really monogamous)
Some Risk
Vaginal, oral, and anal sex with condoms, female condoms, or dental dams
Mutual masturbation (as long as there are no sores, and no fluids transfer)
Lots of Risk
Unprotected anal, oral or vaginal sex
Violent or abusive sexual contact
Sharing needles
Sex while high or drunk
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