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Getting Ready for Middle School

Spring 2013

Keela Kuhlers

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Getting Ready for Middle School

Getting Ready for Middle School
It's all on YOU!!
Organization & Time Management
Know who your friends are...
AND aren't!
Get to Know Your School!
Ask for help!
Example of a daily schedule:
Where are you going?
Practice Walking your schedule!
Be on time!
Organize your belongings
Keep a planner!
More independence...
means more opportunity
to for peer pressure
Be Confident in who you are and find
friends who support the right choices!
Who is in school to help you?

Get Involved!!
math club
student newspaper
Change classrooms all day
Different teachers = different expectations
You are in charge of:
Having the right materials with you for class
Knowing when your homework is due
Preparing for tests
Know where you are going
What is different between Elementary and Middle School?
(A:A1.5) (A:B1.3)
2nd hour is about to start in 3 minutes.
You are walking in the hallway with your binder and realize you don't know where your 2nd hour class is.

There are students walking in the hall, you
recognize a few of them. There are teachers
in the hallway, but none of them are your teachers. The office is close to where you are.

What would you do?
Created by: Keela Kuhlers, M.Ed
It's like going to the mall...
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