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Six Month Review (July-December 2014)

No description

Billy Hester

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Six Month Review (July-December 2014)

Six Month Review
The Way We Were
Working Smarter, Not Harder
What We Have Accomplished
Cost Savings Initiatives and Grants
Economic Development
Bonus: The Second Half of 2014
Old processes
Outdated equipment
Staffing issues
Breakdown in communications
Failure to follow a common vision
"But it is the way we have always done it."
Deep internal dive into city processes
Organizational meetings
Review of day-to-day operations
Employee feedback
Integration of Technology
New computers
Modern operating systems
New phone system on its way
Upgraded secure software protecting citizen information
Critical Organizational Changes
Included stakeholders in decision making process
Formation of Grounds Crew
Cleaning up office space
Internship program formed
12-hour shift change in Police Department
Critical Organizational Changes
Critical hires
Junior Beggs, Public Works Director
Kevin Fleming, Assistant Public Works Director
Charles Ridlehuber, Recreation Director
Kelly Davis, Treasurer
Other hires
Expansion of Code Enforcement Office
Critical Organization Changes
Accurate financial picture
Cross-leveled duties
Pushed down authorities
Professional development program developed
Branding Campaign Started
New logo
Fresh, modern perception of city government
Decals, business cards, letterhead to come
Heads Up Mercer County
Code Enforcement Department
Two officers added to staff
464 notices issued/290 complied/115 taken to court
City-hired crew cut grass on 70 non-city owned properties
59 abandoned vehicles towed
Rental property ordinances are being enforced with a new fervor and are the focus of a single code enforcement officer. To date, 74 rental properties have been inspected. Within the next three years all 1,100 rental properties will be inspected.
Building Inspection Department
48 electrical inspections completed
19 certificates of occupancy issued
2014 Calendar Year:
Total: 435 building permits = $4.1 million ($30,000)
Half-Year: 238 building permits = $1.5 million ($14,500)
Building Inspection Department
107 houses razed
Average cost - $2,400-$3,200
Future 2-3 houses per month identified for demo
Building Inspection Department Demolitions
Hale Street
Fairfax Street
New BAT buses will have CNG capability
Manager and Mechanic visited Champion Bus factor in Imlay, Michigan
July - December
Average ridership over 20,000
8,000 more riders than 2013 period
Began non-emergency medical transport (NEMT)
New color schemed buses arrived to
begin running spring 2015
Mechanic Lee Powell Outstanding Maintenance Employee of the Year
at the West Virginia Public Transit Association Conference
Recycling Updates
1,916,240 lbs./958 tons collected
17.3 average ton/month
2,407,500 lbs./1,204 tons collected
20.4 average ton/month
948 households: +42 residences
97 businesses: +16 businesses
Information Technology
Less secure operating systems replaced
General software upgrades completed to meet new operating system requirements
Eight new computers purchased
Server upgraded and repurposed
Backup and recovery software updated
Information Technology
Mobile office suites to be installed in new code enforcement vehicles creating mobile offices
Tablets issued to board members, board officers, and department heads increasing mobile connections and streamlining work projects
Human Resources
Documentation management and record retention
Standardization in hiring practices
Review of department training needs at all levels
Future focuses include: individual performance assessments, individual job analysis, job descriptions created, pay scales reviewed, performance incentives, and employee recognition
MLK bridge project liaison with Department of Highways
Public Works Department
3,198.57 tons of garbage collected
100 special trash pick-ups
124 loads of leaves
22 trees removed and 100+ trimmed
Electronics and brush removed weekly
53 properties mowed during the season, which is the equivalent of mowing 1,272 properties once
Public Works Department
Paving: 2,081 feet on Augusta Alley, 600 feet on Edgegrove Street, 500 feetwater edging installed along Tower Street
324 potholes repaired since July 1
Six alleyways graded and new gravel laid
Brush and clean up of alleys and right-of-ways ongoing through the year
Kee Dam cleaned thoroughly and checked weekly
Public Works Department
Assistance provided to Bluefield Beautification Commission:
Painted all crosswalks and curbs downtown
Hung and watered flower baskets and planted trees
Installed flag brackets and flags on poles 7-8 times per year
Put up and removed Christmas wreaths, pole wraps, and City tree lights with 512 man hours spent during holiday season
Public Works Department
Asbestos abated on 35 residences before demo with testing completed on over 100 houses
50 street signs replaced
850 feet of new sidewalk poured along Bland Street and South Mercer Street
300 miles of roadways plowed and 600 tons of salt/800 ton of cinders spread between six trucks completed by December 31
Public Works Department
Fix- Bluefield has experienced 115 request since going live. To date 95 requests (82.6%) have been completed and only 1.6% are overdue.
Bluefield Police Department
2,874 calls for service
116 felony reports
413 misdemeanor reports
356 arrests
163 motor vehicle crashes
2,416 citations
588 parking citation
415 inmates houses
533 animal control calls
39 drug arrests
$47,000 drugs seized
$19,700 asset forfeiture
12 firearms seized
17 DUI's
Parks and Recreation Department
Bluefield Shrine Horse Show
Genoa-Park Central Reunion Weekend
Pocahontas High School Reunion
CASE WV Fall Festival
Gospel Explosion
50th Anniversary Celebration
20th Celebration
Team Safety Driving School
26th Annual Pocahontas Chapter NRHS Railfest
Holiday of Lights
Citizen of the Year
Dreama Denver
Bluefield Shag Society New Year's Eve Party
Fire Department
Treasury Department
$4,887,314 $4,601,790
Revenue Collected Expenditures Spent

+ $285,524 as of December 31
Revenue Collected
Expenditures Spent
Abandoned vehicle impound program
$12,000/year new revenue
Treasury audits for B&O Tax
$100,000 projected new revenue
New phone system
$40,000/year in savings
Creation of a Grounds Crew
$7,000 savings vs. continued use
of temporary workers
12-hour police officer shifts
Created two additional officers per shift and substantial annual savings in overtime pay
Dog Registration Project
$5,000 in new revenue
New Cost Saving Programs and Processes
Energy Use Audit by AEP
$75,000 in savings
(once implemented)
Insurance collection process for first responders
$15,000-$20,000 projected new revenue
Review of Prior Practices
Hugh I. Shott, Jr. Foundation
Code enforcement upgrades
Demolition monies
Storm water camera and van
WV Home Land Security
Mobile Radio Grant
FEMA Emergency Response
Heads Up Mercer Co.
Recycling Grant
Holiday of Lights Contributions:
1912 Charitable Foundation
Smoot Charitable Trust
George Cruise Foundation
June O. Shott Foundation
Tennis Court Bleacher Project
New Businesses
Deskins Candy
B&B Boat Repair
Thank you to businesses that have spruced up, remodeled, and/or are expanding!
Boxwood Development
Interior Motives
The Granada Theater
K&M Performance Auto, LLC
Infrastructure/Utility Improvements
Bluefield Gas
Pipe Conversion Project
Small Business Resource
The West Virginia Small Business Development Center (WVSBDC) Office is now located in the W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business at Bluefield State College providing entrepreneurs in this region a valuable, accessible source of assistance as they establish and grow their businesses.
Harold Patterson
Business Coach
Mahood Hall G20
Bluefield Stormwater Board
2,080 basins identified with 1,740 cleaned
29% of total system cleaned as of December 31
Cleaning takes average of 2 hours (some all day)
15-20 basins can be cleaned each week
Bluefield Stormwater Board
System age extends past 75 years in sections
Bluefield State College Internship
110 previously unaccounted for basins found
400 require attention to address deficiencies with 140 in critical condition or beyond
Rehab costs approximately $1,100/basin
GIS Driven Planning Information to aid in efficiency
WV DEP Grant for Ada Plant - $980,927
Pumping Station Upgrades - $246,954
Westside Treatment Plant Upgrades - $2,883,295
Pumping Station Upgrade Need Study - $26,000
Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study of Total Service Area - $100,000

Total monies invested over past four years

Grant funds of $3,133,295 and 0% loan of $977,881 for the major upgrade projects with energy and budget savings paying for the two major studies
UV Disinfection
Aeration Diffusers
Emergency Generator
Sidewalks Projects
Future Economic Development Areas to Explore
CNG Fueling Station
Bulk Transfer Terminal
Future Economic Development Areas to Explore
Bluefield State College Student Housing
Signage off I-77
Future Economic Development Areas to Explore
Business Incentives Package
Energy Savings Performance Contracts
Shovel Ready Sites
Land Reuse Agency and Tax Sale Participation
Board of Directors Six Month Theme:
"Enhancing Property Values"
On-the-Spot Citations
Disposition of City Property
Land Reuse Agency Creation
Recreational Facilities
Maryland-Stadium Intersection
Paving Plan/Capital Improvements
Long-term Stay Ordinance
Fee Consolidation/Adjustment and Business License Review
Visible Projects for Upcoming 12 Months
Tennis Court Project/Stadium Project
Look Ahead to the Next 3-5 Years
Comprehensive Plan
Capital Reinvestment Strategy
Priorities to continue shaping the economic climate of Bluefield
College Avenue paving/sidewalk/curbing/beautification project
City Engineer
AEP downtown vault replacement project
Energy Audit for city owned properties
Completing cost analysis College Avenue paving/curbing/sidewalk/handicap accessibility project
City Engineer
It is estimated that our in-house mechanics have saved the city
well over $100,000
this year. For example, every clutch adjustment that would be sent out costs $500. This common repair is made frequently (due to hilly terrain) in-house.
Fire Department
Police Firing Range to Practice Field Project
Holiday of Lights Storage
City Transit and Greyhound Shelters with advertising boards
Public Works Overhead Cover
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