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AN252 SPR18 What is Rasta

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of AN252 SPR18 What is Rasta

Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Conquering Lion of Judah
How do anthropologists make sense of religion?
Clifford Geertz
need to interpret culturally specific "webs of significance" that people create and are caught up in
--and how they relate to various social structures
Provides way to interpret the world-- "models of"
Reassures us that the world is orderly & meaningful (not chaotic)--
brings order to the contradictions of social reality
"models for"
because also directs how we should engage in that reality
Through ritual, “the world as lived and the world as imagined turn out to be the same world”
In looking at this song, how does the concept of Babylon act as a 'model of', or interpretative/ordering lens for reality? How does Babylon act?
How does it then provide a 'model for'?
Emile Durkheim
--The main issue is social integration and cohesion—the creation and perpetuation of the group as a group.
project the social values and norms of the group into a set of key symbols

When the group celebrates its spirits or gods, the group is re-attaching themselves to the social values of the community
What are the key symbols used that encompass the group's values?
Haile Selassie I -- Ras Tafari Makonnen
challenging British ideals of respectability & standards of beauty
personally achieved wisdom, through interpretation of Biblical texts & speeches of Haile Selassie
-Reasoning Sessions
-Ritualized use of marijuana
challenge usage of British- English as marker of "civility"
I an I
Word Sound Power
spoken word & sound as manifestation of divine presence and power to create and bring destruction
Book of Revelation: symbol of evil
forces, system, and set of ideas that "downpress" and dehumanize
"where the struggle for power and money take precedence over the cultivation of human freedom and concern for dignity"
symbolically opposite of Babylon
place of redemption
pride, community, charity, serenity
use symbols that demonstrate rejection of
British/White 'middle/upper' class values
wage labor
ideas & practices of anti-Blackness
authoritative individuality
reasoning balances individuality as people try to gain consciousness and consensus

12 Tribes of Israel
Bobo Shanti

Drawn together by
Ethiopianism, biblicism, anti-colonialism, I n I consciousness
common sense of evil and common sense of identity/solidarity
What is Rastafari?
What are the core ideological features of Rastafari?
How do anthropologists make sense of religion?
What symbolism n the video or meaning in the lyrics resonate with the Edmonds reading?
evidenced by-
historical atrocity
economic exploitation
Ital Livity
emphasis on the sacredness of nature
vs the artificiality of Babylon

"symbolic templates" for interpretation, ordering, and action
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