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Arizona Glass Conception to Completion

No description

Carole Uhrig

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Arizona Glass Conception to Completion

0ur Process
Estimate the Project
2. Input Window Elevations Into
Glazier Studio Software System

4. Project Planning Meeting
Project Manager
Company Owner
6. Order the Glass & Aluminum Stock Lengths:
Approved Guaranteed Openings
10. Fabricate the Material to Construct Finished Frames
11. Load the Truck with Finished Frames for Delivery
12. Offload Finished Frames
Job Site
13. Install Finished Window Frames
17. Perform Arizona Glass Specialists
Job Walk & Punch List
A meeting of the minds - a hand-off from estimator to project manager:

Most effective way to keep our project managers informed and updated

An AGS owner is always present to capture a helicopter view and add any valuable input from past experiences
Approved Returned Submittals = Product ordered Immediately

Lead times can drag 8-10 weeks - after field measuring
PMs export the fabrication files from our internal system
Quickly and carefully, our crew loads the frames, locks them down for safety and counts the frames again to ensure accuracy
3. Contract is Awarded to Arizona Glass Specialists!
Team celebration of each victory!
16. Caulk the
10. Utilize the Punch & Accufab
15. Install Doors & Hardware w/Undivided Attention...
...and no mistakes!
14. Install the Glass Into 0ur Finished Frames
7. Receive Materials
Aluminum is delivered to Arizona Glass Specialists

Glass is delivered to job site
8. Fabrication Phase 1: Automated Rhinofab Fabrication Equipment is Utilized
9. Fabrication Phase 2:
Automated Cuts of Aluminum
Stock Lengths
Optimizes materials - Waste is eliminated!
Pre-Construction determines which projects to bid from ITBs based on :
Project Size
Customer (GC)
Project Site Location
State of the Art Software
Turn over meeting from estimator to project manager
Ownership is present to review the contract
Project managment team is able to hit the ground running
5. Submittal Process
Shop drawings are commissioned with our draftsmen
Field Measuring
Project management team gathers product data for the project
State of the Art Rhinofab equipment
Cuts are accurate to 1/64"
4x faster then manual cutting
Eliminates waste

All the thinking has been done by the computer.
Employees just have to follow the fabrication labels

2nd Phase of Fabrication
Happy Customers
Our Project Management Team reviews the fabrication instructions.
Delivery of finished aluminum is made

Subsequently, glass is already on-site
Foreman & Superintendent walk site twice

Internal Punch List created
Conception to Completion
Increases workload capacity
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Click to start YouTube video
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