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Finding Subjects

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of Finding Subjects

First find the verb, then the subject

Please wash the car.
Cameron’s new car is awesome.
Sleeping is the best medicine for a cold.
After the show, Jon took me out for pie.
His hair is messy.
Snoopy was a beagle.

Practicing Subjects

6. Words that show possession
‘s or his, her, their, my
The subject reverts to the thing they own
EX: Doc’s car is a Delorean
EX: Their picnic basket is missing
Words that are NOT Subjects

3. Subject may be gerund: a verb ending in “ing” acting as a subject
EX: Swimming is an excellent form of exercise
EX: Thinking too hard hurts my head

Identifying Subjects

The subject is the noun that is performing the verb
EX: Ivan earned the highest grade on the history midterm
EX: Before Easter my cat was ill

Some words can be subjects in one sentence, but verbs in another
EX: I run five miles before breakfast every day
EX: My morning run was refreshing

Practice 16.6 (page 208)
Practice 16.7 (same 208-209)

Identifying Subjects

claimed the land for Spain
has the attention span of a two-year-old


To add to your balloon of abilities....


Practice with the same worksheet! !

Sometimes there will be more than one person, place, thing, or idea performing the action
EX: Sam and Sarah are twins.
EX: Bart, Millhouse, and Lisa are all characters from The Simpsons.

Sometimes there will be multiple subjects and multiple verbs
EX: Sam eats like a bird, but Sarah eats like a pig.
EX: Bart and Lisa are Simpsons, but Millhouse is Bart’s friend.
Multiple Subjects

1. The subject is almost always a noun—person, place, thing, or idea
May also be abstract like “sadness” or “failure”
EX: Failure is my worse enemy

Identifying Subjects

Progressions Chapter 16
Become more comfortable finding verbs
Ability to i.d. subjects in sentences
Verb rules?
Verbs are always the ______ word in a sentence.
What two types of words of every sentence need at its core?
Verbs are the only word in the sentence that change _________.
What happens to a verb with a "to" in front of it?
The adverb is always/never included in the verb.
Passive verbs are always/never included with the verb.
Remember , a sentence needs a verb and a subject to be considered a complete sentence
The verb is the action
so the subject is the noun doing the action
It may be pronoun (word used to replace and refer to a noun)
EX: She caught a bad cold.
4. In commands, the subject never appears, but is an implied “you”
(you) Wash the dishes!
(you) Don’t forget to take out the trash
5. Adjectives (words that describe a noun)
EX: Sweaty hands
EX: The big dog ate from the garbage.
Subject Review
Always a noun
Can be a pronoun
May be a gerund (verb+ing working as a noun)
In commands the subject is implied "you"
Adjectives are not included
For words that show possession (their, my, Bob's), the subject is the thing they own

The snack was created by F.W. Rueckheim at the Chicago's World Fair in 1893.
The popular snack got its name from a popular expression of the day.
People used to say "crackerjack" to mean great.
The toy prize was added to Cracker Jack boxes in 1912.
Cracker Jack's popularity has not declined over the years.
Surprisingly, this alcoholic beverage was invented by Don Perignon, a Benedictine monk.
The cleric was put in charge of the vineyards at his monastery in 1668.
During his tenure there, Perignon developed sparkling wines.
These wines were named for the Champagne section of France.
Also, Don Perignon has come to be the name of a very prestigious and expensive bottle of wine.
Multiple Subjects
The school board and the leaders of the teachers' union met behind closed doors for most of the afternoon.
The singer and her accompanist performed an encore in response to the standing ovation.
The rabbit and her young fled in panic.
Both manager and assistant manager apologized for the poor service.
The robins and three sparrows fed contentedly at the bird feeder.
Let's go over the WS!
in sentences, subjects are the _____ that do the action of the verb
Pronouns can be the subject (T/F)
May be a ______ (verb+ing working as a noun)
In commands, who is the subject?
Adjectives are always/never included
For words that show possession (their, my, Bob's), the subject is _____.
What can you add to your Balloon of Abilities?
For Wednesday, complete the Show v. Tell Worksheet
Actively Read Chapter 17 Subordination and Coordination
We'll prewrite in class
Actively Read Practice 6.3 in Chapter 6
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