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Recodifying Shakespeare's _The Tempest_

Wolfram Summer School

Elizabeth Latta

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Recodifying Shakespeare's _The Tempest_

Data mining the two sets of data points (the characters & the sub-scenes) and where they intersect allowed us to try other interesting stuff This project by Elizabeth Latta was done during New Kind of Science Summer School in 2011
with the help of Dr. Stephen Wolfram,the amazing Summer School instructors, employees of Wolfram, Stephen Wolfram's son and my fellow students. New Kind of Science Summer School is now
Wolfram Summer School: http://www.wolframscience.com/summerschool/ Make the play
into music I naturally graphed the play into sub-scenes in my thought the first time I read it. I do this so when I think about the play it is easier for me to compare and contrast my ideas. I consider this akin to cellular atomata programming.
It was very gratifying that my thought process is interesting and that considering the process
itself sprung new ideas.
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