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Copy of Three Skeleton Key- Elements of a Short Story

I will be describing the setting, point-of-view, conflict, figurative langauge, and foreshadowing of Three Skeleton Key. I will also be displaying how literary elements affect the suspense in a story, mainly Three Skeleton Key. (:

cheryl kolstad

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Three Skeleton Key- Elements of a Short Story

Setting; Three Skeleton Key takes place in a abandoned and barren lighthouse where three men are offering their services off the coast of New Guinea on a small rocky island called Three Skeleton Key, surrounded by a deep and vicious ocean. Foreshadowing; Because the unattended and abandoned vessel was zigzagging towards the lighthouse in a reckless manner and crashed into jagged reefs, the wretched and sickly rats all dived for shelter into the water, surviving until they came closer and closer. This is a suspenseful event that makes the characters think about what these rats might do once they reach their desired destination. Conflict;The basic conflict of Three Skeleton Key is that that a horde of mutated rats escape from a sinked ship vessel and they swarm a nearby lighthouse and torture three men who are working there, feeding off of anything edible and desperate to claw out the barriers that are in the way from attacking. Their foul odor and loud screams challenge the men physically and emotionally. The bottom line is , these men must find a way to rid of these beasts, as knives won't work since there are hundreds of them and they won't stop until they satisfy their hunger with the flesh and meat of these defenseless prey. Point-Of-View; Three Skeleton is written in first-person (narrative) point of view. I know this because of this example: "I do not remember , to this day, how we managed to escape. All I can remember is wading through them up the stairs, striking them off as they swarmed over us; and then we found ourselves, bleeding from innumerable bites, our clothes shredded, sprawled across the trapdoor in the floor of the lantern room." It's obvious that the Narrator is telling their story from his perspective and how he felt it affected himself/herself. He/she is using "I" and is describing how the other characters are saying/feeling for him.

What is Setting? The setting is the time and place of a story that sets the atmosphere. The setting also includes the mood that the author is trying to portray. For example, if the story is revolved around a playground, the mood would most likely be joyful, bubbly, fresh and youthful. What does "Foreshadowing" mean? Foreshadowing is the author's way of giving the reader hints or clues which allow the reader to sense or predict what the outcome of the story will be after a series of events that lead to this point. What is Point-of-View? The point-of-view of a character in a story is the relationship between the narrator and the story being told.
What is Conflict? The conflict of a story is the struggle or problem within the story in which the main character, the protagoist, is opposed. ( This must involve the protagonist). Further explanation (: what is figurative language? Figurative language is language that uses words or expressions with a different meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. Figurative Language; There are many examples of figurative languauge in Three Skeleton Key. One example is: "Le Gleo became morose and had nightmares in which he would see the three skeletons dancing around
him". This is an example of personification because the author is giving the skeletons human qualities by making them DANCE, which they can't because they are no longer human, just a pile of bones. What is suspense? Suspense is quality in a work of fiction that arouses excited expectation or uncertainty about what may happen, feelings of anxiety or excitement. Suspense; In Three Skeleton Key, there are many literary elements that affect the suspense. For instance, the figurative language provides a vision that you can close your eyes and picture once the author uses a simile or metaphor. For example, this simile: " Some of the rats fought amongst themselves, and some would fall away from the cluster like a ripe fruit from its tree. This creates a chilling mood that triggers the thought of these rats doing anything they can to defeat even one of their own to satisfy their hunger. They've been starving and they won't let anyone or anything get in their way. You can imagine a thousand rats clinging to eachother, multiplying the odor that'd burn your eyes and hypnotize you into imagining things that aren't there, giving them advantage over your weak state.
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