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World War II

No description

Larissa Stewart

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of World War II

World War II Pre- World War II Great Depression Totalitarianism Causes of the Great Depression
Peace Settlement & Post WWI debt
Production & Distribution crisis
Zero Strong Economic Leadership Reperations and War Debts
France demands Reparations
European Allies owed Debts to Eachother
Made Economy Difficult American Investments
Dawes Plan, 1924
Short Term Loans
Wall Street Crash, 1929
Loss of Huge Sums Dismissal of Reperations
Kreditanstalt Collapses
Young Plan, 1929
Lausanne Conference, 1932 During The Depression
Government Involvement
Popular Front
Goverment Involvement
Misguided Attempts
John Maynard Keynes
The National Governement Unemployment
Massive Increase in Unemployment
New Deal Popular Front
Right-Wing Violence
Socialist-Communist Cooperation
Blum's Government Hitler- Nazis
Stalin- Soviet Union Nazi Seizure of Power
Hitler comes to Power
State Police and Anit-Semitism
Nazi Economic Policy Stalin's Soviet Union
Rapid Industrialization
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