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Historical Cancer Discoveries

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Katelynn Dorn

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Historical Cancer Discoveries

Historical Cancer Discoveries
Radiation Exposure
in early 1900s, many reports saw a correlation between radium exposure and leukemia (Marie Curie)
1930s- painters of luminescent watch dials developed osteosarcomas
nuclear testing- children in Marshall Islands developing thyroid cancer
Ionizing radiation
non-ionizing radiation
UV light
1800s/1900s- sailors developing lesions- 'sailor's skin,' farmers has higher risk of skin cancer
1928- researchers studied carcinogenic effect of UV radiation on skin of laboratory animals
today- any excessive exposure to UV light can lead to skin cancer
Chemical Poisons
Pott- discovered that chimney sweepers developed scrotal cancer
1918- coal tar shown to cause skin cancer in rabbits
1924- benzo[a]pyrene
Family History
malignancy can metastasize along optic nerve
1/3 of cases are inherited
mutation on chromosome 13, controlled by RB gene
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