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Factoring Trinomials Presentation

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Krista Krebsbach

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Factoring Trinomials Presentation

quadratic trinomials! Review, Review! Write down what we did last week! But before we start, let's play a racing game! What was the point of that?
You need __________________
to Factor! You will start with a basic trinomial: The process! Then you will find two numbers that
add to give you "b" and multiply to give you "c"! Now we are going to Unfoil
(aka Factor)! And you end here! Your answer will look like this! What did you just say? Watch this video to clarify! Race to the Finish! Do the following on a separate sheet of paper! When you are done, stand up! Find the numbers…
…which add to: and multiply to:
7 12 (example) 3 + 4 = 7 and (3)(4) = 12

10 24 ___________________________________
-1 -12 ___________________________________
8 16 ___________________________________
10 16 ___________________________________
11 30 ___________________________________
-2 -24 ___________________________________
2 -24 ___________________________________
-5 -24 ___________________________________
5 -24 ___________________________________ The whole point of factoring is to turn a trinomial into the product of two binomials! Let's watch one more to make sure we got it! Let's Factor Together! Before we do our closing Activity, watch this! (some of these examples we will learn tomorrow)! Let's Practice! Cut the puzzle pieces apart and connect them into a four by four square by linking the correct trinomials with their correct factored form! Correct Steps: (x-3)(2x+4)



2x^2-2x-12 Now simplify this:

(x-3)(2x+4) Share with a partner when done If you had a brain fart,
watch this! Answers: How many did you get right? 4 and 6
-4 and 3
4 and 4
2 and 8
5 and 6
-6 and 4
6 and -4
-8 and 3
8 and -3 Correct answer:
Now you try! Let's do one more together!
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