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First Amendment:Telling the police to f*** off.

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Lizamarie Gama

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of First Amendment:Telling the police to f*** off.

First Amendment:Telling the police to f*** off.
Lizamarie Gama
7th Period

What action or issue is this story about ?
This story is about how people hate the way in which the police acts or are against people of certain races.
Who is involved ?
The people involved in this problem are the cops/police and the people that are being treated this way.
Where did it take place ?
This took place in the streets.This was something that went on everywhere actually.
When did it take place ?
This took place on July 17th,2014
Why is this newsworthy ?
This is newsworthy because it is a problem people/communities are dealing with and facing every day through verbal abuse and physical abuse as well.
Which of the five freedoms are involved in this action/issue?
The freedom that's involved are the freedom of speech/expression,press,and assembly.
Why is this action/issue controversial?
This is controversial because some people claim the opposite of whats being argued. Which is that the police thinks that they can treat the people how ever they want and expect them not to do anything about it just because they're the authorities.
How does this news story make you feel ? Why ?
This news story makes me feel angry because the police thinks that just because they're the police they can do whatever they want,which is dumb in my opinion because instead of helping us they're just making things worse.
Do you think this action/issue is protected by the first amendment? Why or why not?
I think that the person who wrote this,will fall under the freedom of speech,press,and assembly because we have the freedom to speak and to express ourselves,we can gather people as well that agree with this and people can write or type out how they feel and publish it and let others know their point of view.
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