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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

No description

Chelsea Wenzel

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

Chelsea Wenzel
Amber Miller
Chloe Becker Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Hours spent doing a variety of events
"Native Language"
"Attention span of a gnat" World of technology
Current college students
What they prefer
Old or new ways Digital Natives Who are Digital Immigrants? Digital Immigrants Instructors
Grandparents Characteristics Digital Natives Digital Immigrants "Understanding learners in depth is essential to creating learning environments that optimize learners' strengths and minimize their weaknesses."
-Oblinger and Oblinger Foot in the past
Use other resources before internet
Teach slowly
No muli-tasking "Both immigrants and natives may use same technology, but the two groups use these activities differently.
-Prensky Challenges Speak outdated language Struggle with new technology Used to receiving information quickly Able to process and multitask What is Digital Natives? Interesting facts about Digital Natives
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