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Table for one

Laszlo Bergovecz

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Crox

table on the wall
it shows the process of creation
efficient manufacturing,
almost zero waste
completely flat
* just kidding it's 18 mm
no one said it would be easy
off the wall
grab a leg
* this puzzle has four pieces
I'll guide you
* 5%
of the Crox table
put the table top on the floor
let's build it
get your leg No 1. and insert it
this is leg No 1.
add the last part
smooth and easy
did you hear the clicks?
that is the smart part
discover its benefits
enjoy your table for one
the stiffener fits here
* you can knock it down
* no front legs
freedom for the restless knees
use it as decoration
or hide it behind a wardrobe
or under the bed
the top extends over the mattress
a design by Laszlo Bergovecz, 2011
assembly instruction
table for one
step one
step two
step three
step four
+447 727 91 3679
Laszlo Bergovecz
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