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Reagan Sirengo portfolio

As a recipient of this PORTFOLIO, i invite you to embrace the heritage of a like-minded thinker, who shares the belief that great things occur when people and organisations work together.

Reagan Sirengo

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Reagan Sirengo portfolio

My approach to Creativity is simplicity This is my portfolio UX /UI PROJECTS I am all rounded designer:
I DO PRINT DESIGN www.reaganfolio.net who is Reagan? I'm a print/web designer turned User experience designer and blogger.

I create print & web awesomeness. I live, breathe, drink and absolutely love design and I'm in love with ideas; building them, cultivating them, and watching them come to fruition. Nothing makes me happier than this. Web UI design Wire frames Skills Skills Tools of trade DreamweaverPhotoshop
Axure Visual studio
UI/UX Problem Solving
HTML/CSS/java script
User Interface design
Color Theory
Art Direction
Interaction Design
Rapid-Prototyping My design MANTRA MAYA (Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable) Designers and innovators must pave the way toward the future,but in gradual steps—delivering experiences that break new ground,but still contain enough of the familiar to be acceptable to the people for whom they’re designed. Contacts My portfolio can be accessed at : http://www.reaganfolio.net
Behance profile: http://www.behance.net/reagansirengo
Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/reagansirengo
UX/UI writing : http:// www.design254.com/blog

(562) 326 0495 I am passionate about everything related to design. Many people look at design only in terms of brainstorming and sketching designs. But design encompasses everything that is involved in realizing design: sketching, brainstorming, failure, critique, persuasion (somebody has to believe you’re designing something you need), prototyping and usability testing. I’m also interested in many areas of design: graphics, information design, programming, architecture, and industrial design, but I’m really only good at one: interaction design. I see the big picture. Design for me is about the user and everything I do is motivated by a need or a problem.

My influences in the area of design come from my mentors whom I have worked with, the books I read, clients and users I have worked with, peers I’ve collaborated with and just living in this world everyday. I like to see the big picture of how design changes the world but I also need and strive to make this dream a reality.

It took me awhile not to jump at every idea I had and to stop complaining when I saw an idea I had created by someone else. Paul stapleton my mentor and former boss -taught me, seeing someone else build “your” idea can help you focus your idea and provide a way to focus your own. I have taken my mentors’ words to heart as I see design not only as opportunity and inspiration but as grueling work and persistent effort. My design influences
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