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Movie Cinema

Business plan presentation for a movie cinema.

Chris Nelson

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Movie Cinema

Grille & Competition The Market What is
Aurora Cinemas & Grille? American
Cuisine Benefits Financial Costs Regal Cinemas AMC Theaters Carmike Cinemas Conclusion Direct Competition D DRINKS An underserved market Dine and watch in one spot 3-D Demand Unique experience Any
Questions? common factor = Revenue = profits The end!!! ADULTS Location 300+ Theaters 50% Higher Ticket Prices Dine-In Theaters Demand 3-D Technology Dine-In Movie Theater Full Service Restuarant & Bar First
Movies 8 Digitally Enhance Screens 3-D Versions Standard 2-D Version The
Experience Arrive 30 mins before movie Customers place order Entertain with previews Food will arrive before movie begins If anything else is need tap buzzer Bills are collected 25 minutes before movie ends Cost of New Theater $1,250,000 Cost of Restaurant $ 250,000 TOTAL COST $1,500,000 Staff of 30-50 employees General Admission (2-D)---$10 General Admission (3-D)---$15 Average Meal---$15 It's a Destination
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