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Indiana University

No description

Laura Lavender

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Indiana University

Indiana University
College Should Be Like This!!

Inside the Classroom
Next Steps!
$60 Fee
Test Scores
We Need:
Dates to Know
Overseas Study
Jobs & Outcomes
What do our students have to say??
Last, but certainly not least!
We want you to make
this your home!!
13 schools, 150+ majors, and the
chance to create your own major
Opportunity for multiple majors, minors
and certificates
List of majors by school in brochure
Conduct real-world
research with faculty
Ranked 5th
in the nation
250 programs
17 languages
including English
50+ Countries
80% of IU Students have at least
one internship during college!
13 different career centers that bring over 1,300 employers to campus each year
IU recieved $533
million for
research and other
in the 2012
fiscal year
Every school has their own graduation rate!
40,000 Students (32,000 Undergraduates)
Average class size of 32
18:1 Student to Faculty ratio
Less than 7% of classes are over 100 students
4,000+ courses offered each semester
800+ Student Organizations and Groups
IU By The Numbers
Academic and Personal
Office Hours
Academic Support Centers
UD, Major, and Professional Advisors
Free and Individual Tutoring
Meet your professors!
Research, Internships,

Letters of Recommendation,

Academic Support,

Career Advice
Process by which a student may be admitted into their program of study.
34 Total Credits
7 Semesters of Math
ACT or SAT sent
directly from testing agency
Opportunity to receive college credit from AP or Dual-Credit Courses
Additional Factors: Letters of Recommendation, Extracurriculars, Class Rank, etc.
Application is live!!
Apply by
November 15
for scholarship consideration
January 15
deadline for new
test scores
Financial Aid
Tuition Lock
November 1 Deadline!
May resubmit test
scores until January 15
for reconsideration
You will be informed on acceptance letter if you are eligible to apply for selective

Merit-based and
Separate for in-state
and out of state students
March 10 Deadline for FAFSA
We encourage all
to apply!
May make you
eligible for
Students in good academic standing after their sophomore year may be eligible for tuition lock!
Tuition Lock remains in effect until graduation
Admission to Indiana University is to the university as a whole - no one major is more competitive than another!
10 of 13 IU Schools offer Direct Admission (Optometry, Social Work, and Nursing do not)
Approximately 20% of IU undergraduates are directly admitted into their program of study.
Criteria for Direct Admission is determined individually by each school. Updated information can be found on their websites listed in the brochure!
Direct Admits are able to meet with their Department Advisor during freshman year, and don't have to apply for Major admission after their first year.
If you aren't directly admitted - don't worry!! You will attend all the same courses and will not have any delays in graduation time.
School of
Journalism: 73.6%
Kelley School
of Business: 98%
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