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A Game, A Puzzle, A Toy: My Educational Game Idea

This is a game concept that I have designed and developed through my course work in EDTECH 532 through Boise State.

Ashley Leneway

on 31 March 2012

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Transcript of A Game, A Puzzle, A Toy: My Educational Game Idea

Knowledge Points Recess Recipte Quest two different types of points are gained through
the completion of quests, each type of point
offers different rewards quests are completed based on student choice quests are content specific, like... math music http://www.vectorportal.com/subcategory/158/MUSIC-NOTES-VECTOR-IMAGE.eps/ifile/8641/detailtest.asp social studies writing Physical Education Art science reading behavior social skills science Social Studies Both game & quest based learning are
deeply rooted to concrete, highly
respected learning theory! What would a reading quest look like? What would a science quest look like? In your blog:
1. Create a link to the video.
2. Make a word list (5 words each) for the following vowel teams that follow the "2 vowels go a walking" rule:
a. ai
b. oa
c. ea
d. ay A In your blog:
1. Put the letters of the photos in order sequentially, what happens first? Last?
2. Next, tell me what happens after the last photo?
3. For 25 extra knowledge points, label each letter with the life stage name. These photos are parts of the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly. Remember what we studied in science! Let's build a controlled environment where they can learn: to think to analyze to create to apply knowledge Let's engage them and encourage them to never stop learning! to evaluate What would a writing quest look like? Prepare a piece of poetry to share with another
second grade class via Skype. Teachers, here is the web address for the Skype project.
http://education.skype.com/projects/435 Post your poem to your blog. Be prepared to share by
Friday, May 22, 2011. For different types of poetry and examples, look here:
http://www.buzzle.com/articles/types-of-poems-for-kids.html Project Based Learning develop critical thinking skills transferable knowledge
for real-world settings collaboration open ended questions, not
only one "right" answer focus on student voice learning through creating Discovery Based Learning based on work of J. Piaget students interact with
their learning environments draw upon and apply
prior knowledge solve problems Gardner Locke Glasser Choice Theory Cognitivism Theory of Multiple Intelligences based on the reasearch by... based on the reasearch by... based on the reasearch by... We exhibit intelligence in many different forms: "Tabula Rasa"- blank slate knowledge is based on our experiences experiences are derived from our sense perceptions Power Freedom to choose have fun while learning our motiviation is based on our wants and needs My Game Idea Reward System as students complete quests, they
open more challenging quests based on the reasearch by... Jane McGonigal "Through gaming, we can work to solve the worlds most prevalent problems such as hunger, poverty, climate change, obesity and global conflict." urgent optimism + tight social fabric + blissful productivity + epic meaning = "super empowered hopeful individuals" Learning theory isn't enough proof? Still want to know why is gaming so influential? Did you know that in gaming countries all over the world, by the time we reach age 21, we have put in 10,000 hours of gaming? Did you also know that by the time you finish high school (kindergarten through 12th grade and have good attendance) you have spent 10,080 hours in an educational environment? How paramount could games be to education if they were designed by teachers who know their students best? B C D E F Students will learn by exploring in a virtual environments! The Basic Concept These points will be awarded when quests are completed. Some quests will be released in a group, or chain, with a prerequisite. For example, quests A, B, and C are all related but students must complete A to access B and then C. Additional points will be offered to guide students toward
completion of some important or valuable quests. The longer the quest or the more important, the more points are awarded. once students have earned a set amount of
knowledge points, they will receive a recess recipte quest! These games can be educational... 10 Minute Recess Recipte! Visit the the link below to play Sudoku online!
http://www.sudoku9x9.com/ ...or not! 5 Minute Recess Recipte! Visit the link below to play Angry Birds!
http://chrome.angrybirds.com/ How does my game end? Baby Steps! :) This "final" product is still a work in progress. If you kept up with my blog, you'll notice that
this isn't really what I envisioned from the start. But, when I started this class, I didn't even know what a newb was! I have been enlightened, recharged and rejuvenated by this class in a way I never expected! This project has become my pitch to try to get approval for an after-school, quest-based learning program next fall. I truly hope this game design is small enough scale to get my district on board, first with the idea of quest-based learning and eventually comfortable with gaming and the use of virtual worlds. Like I said, baby steps! What would a social skills quest look like? In your blog:
1. Choose an emotion. You are NOT limited to the ones in the picture here.
2. Take a photo of yourself (of have a friend take one) of you expressing that emotion.
3. Upload your photo to your blog.
4. Write a paragraph about a time you felt this emotion. What would a math quest look like? First, watch the video.

They solved the equation, 12+19, using the algorithm.

In your blog:
Solve this equation two different ways.
Use your toolbox of knowledge, you can do it!
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