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Let Teenagers Try Adulthood

No description

Amanda Brisk

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Let Teenagers Try Adulthood

Uses allusions to prove points
Idea that as times change, and students become more mature, so must our way of handling the students
Uses examples to back up ideas
The American high school was created at a time when it took longer for teenagers to become mature, and was a place for adults to stick adolescents while they became adults. Today, high school actually destroys teenagers view of "the real world" through claims that high school is how the rest of the world will be, when , in reality, no where else do we have such age driven segregation and a canyon sized difference between insiders and outsiders.
Rhetorical Analysis
as popular culture . . ." pg 154
Great uses of diction include words like:
"...artificial intensity of a world defined by insiders and outsiders” pg. 153
"masquerading" pg. 154
"tyranny of peer groups....ludicrous values" pg. 154
President of Bard College, a prestigious college
Author of Jefferson’s Children: Education and the Promise of American Culture
Rhetorical Triangle
Make parents, students, and general public aware that high school is obsolete and disrupts a students maturity
Leon Botstein - director of Bard College
New York Times readers - general public
Let Teenagers Try Adulthood
Appeals to students currently in high school along with recently graduated students
Appeals to teachers negative emotions by criticizing them in the text
Uses specific diction to create emotions
Uses allusions like the Columbine Shooting to appeal to the emotions of readers
Basic Points

American high school should be abolished
Sports dominate more than student culture and influence the behavior of the students, but more importantly the staff
Rules of high school are not rules of life
Poor training for high school teachers
Basic Points Cont.

Kids act out to get attention, which leads to violence
Kids mature faster than they used to, and high school prevents them from becoming the adults they are trying to be
Kids should graduate at 16
Our experience

We're prevented from making adult like choices because we are stuck in school, constantly being pushed a certain way by adults and not being able to experience on our own. Age is everything in high school, when, in the real world, age hardly matters at all.
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