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~About~ www.Pokefun4u.com Prezi

A Prezi about Pokefun4u, my website! Please check it out at www.pokefun4u.com!

Alice Wang

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of ~About~ www.Pokefun4u.com Prezi

How it came about: Pokefun4u.com; The Ultimate Informational Guide to Pokemon! When it started... www.pokefun4u.com used to be a tiny pic site registered on a free domain, pokipics.synthasite.com. Practically it was just a site known by a few classmates and maybe a few web surfers. Unorganized and not daily updated, it was just something of a speck of dust in a box full of colourful, wonderful toys. Gradually, things began to change... It meant dedication, full time. And it definitely wasn't something that was going to be easy to achieve. Yet hours of blooming ideas won over, and the first Pokefun4u was born! Bit by bit, Pokefun4u grew. A fun quiz, then the stories, afterwards the party suggestions, historial info, polls, games... Still, this didn't mean it would just grow to today. In fact, it was still a long, long, very long way from that... What's the bad thing with copying resources from other sites like Google, or Pokemon Dream? Well, at that time, it seemed like Pokefun4u was not going to have a personality. Copying resources. Is this another site that's just plain copied info? No; I couldn't do that. I had made that decision by making this a site of its own.

I set all the temptations down and gripped my writer's pen and attitude. At first, it seemed useless and lame. Ctrl C's much easier, I thought. Then I got the hits. Site bots and people were coming to visit my site! This motivated me so much I couldn't stop until I had written a full story every day for a week. Then they came. Hackers, site destroyers. How many times did hackers come? Three times. Pokefun4u had to reconstruct for four times. This whole hacking and rebuilding time added together equaled almost a year. Each time, components were improved, rewritten, added onto. To say the truth, these hackers actually contributed to my motivation, even if not positive. The angrier I got, the more determined I was going to make this site hack proof and the best. During this process, Pokefun4u became better and more complex. And slowly it traveled on the path that would lead it to today! Fun vids to watch, also made by the Pokefun4u Admin. I promise, you'll definitely laugh: Vid 1 Vid 2 Vid 3 Vid 4 Vid 5 THE END! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Featuring my hamsters, Scramble and Omi, and also the R.I.P beloved Egg Yolk. Rate this presentation from 1 to 10 (ten being the best) and send your rating to serviceandinfo.pokefun4u@gmail.com! PS: Gamers, go to www.4ugames.yolasite.com! Also owned by me, lots of good games on it! In addition, the games on it are widgets, so they aren't blocked by school or library computers! Everyday, Pokefun4u is improving, and improvising. And that is the Pokefun4u you see today! One last thing. NO VIRUSES, NO SPAM, AND MEMBER INFORMATION RECORDED ONLY FOR LOG IN. In addition, there are no advertisements or commercial services on it to waste your time! :) :) :) :) Here's the web address to go there right now: www.pokefun4u.com
(please use Firefox web browser for optimum results as website is not highly compatible with IE or other browsers as many scripts may not show)
Official game site web address: www.4ugames.yolasite.com Special thanks to the awesome Prezi program for making this fantastically-laid-out slideshow possible! :) :) :) :) :) :) ~bow~
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