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The Economy and 9/11

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elliot greiner

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Economy and 9/11

Insurance Downturn After the attacks occured, 40 billion dollars were lost in the insurance sector alone. Stock Exchanges in New York and London were closed and evacuated that day. Tourism in New York halted , resulting in hotel vacanies increasing by 40% percent hehe fdc There were losses of 9.6 Billion dollars in the property sector In lia In Liability, there were losses of 7.6 Billion dollars HI 18,000 small buissnesses were displaced after the attacks Pp But the best estimate, according to the GAO is that the World Trade Center attack cost (at most) $83 b in direct/indirect costs.

New York lost $16.9 billion alone By Preston and Elliot
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