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4th Year

No description

Sam Cogan

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of 4th Year

Online Open

Why this?
A massive growth area
This will shape the future of humanity
How we live will change under these forces
We finally bring us into the age of ubquitous computing
Computing devices saturated into the environment
Perfectly integrated into our lives
Internet of Things
Why this?
Combination of
Cloud Computing
Data Analytics
Mobile Technologies
Software Development
Why this?
The games market will reach over $90 billion this year with a total of 2.2 billion gamers around the globe
$102.9 billion by 2017/$110 billion by 2018
Mobile games revenue will grow from $29 billion in 2015 to $45 billion by 2018 at 15% annual growth
Film industry:
Revenue for the industry will grow from $88.3 billion in 2015 to $104.6 billion in 2019.
Mainland Europe (333)
UK (217)
Canada (173)
USA (140)
Fun / passion
Why this?
Paradigm shift
Modern app development
Why this?
Cyber Security is an essential need for a modern society; the field has the fastest growth rate while the labour market encounters a severe workforce shortage.
Ireland has a strong presence of companies in Cyber Security (e.g FireEye, Symantec, Zurich Insurance, Deloitte, etc.) According to the IDA Ireland, the top 5 worldwide companies are located in Ireland
Why this?
Why Data Analytics?
Information is Power!
Knowledge Discovery
Broad Spectrum
Why this?
The mobile market revenue will reach over
$41.1 billion in 2015
$101 billion by 2020
Mobile games revenue will grow from $29B in 2015 to $45B by 2018 at 15% annual growth
The Apps Economy Has Created 1.64 Million Jobs In Europe
Fun / passion
App economy
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Mobile App Dev
Semester 1:

Security Principles (5 credits): 50% CA, 50% Exam

Secure Programming (5 credits): 60% Ca, 40% Project

Semester 2

Advanced Secure Programming (5 credits): 50% CA, 50% Project

Penetration Testing (5 credits): 50% CA, 50% Exam

Digital Forensics (5 credits): 50% CA, 50% Exam
Gaming and Graphics
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