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Non-video version

BCU Students' Union prezi

Katie Llewellin

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Non-video version

We exist to enhance our students' experience and have a positive impact on their lives
We're your Students' Union
We're more than just nights out!
but that doesn't mean we don't have any!
Any Questions?

Visit us at

Looks great on your CV
Transferable skills and loads of fun!!
Numerous types opportunities from helping people in the local community with Canal Cleanup to traveling the world with Aid Africa

Socialise and make lifetime friends
Keep fit and healthy
Improve your CV
Maintain a sporting interest
Try out a new sporting skill
Compete for TeamBCU
Media Groups
Anyone can join in
Gain great experience for work or just for fun
The Scratch Magazine
Scratch Radio
Scratch TV
Wide range of societies from Raise and Give to Extreme Sports to faith based groups
If there's nothing you fancy then its easy to start your own
Maintain a keen interest
Try out a new skill/ hobby
Socialize and make lifetime friends
Improve health & well-being
Have fun!
Improve your CV and enjoyability
Professional advisers are always there to help
Any issues - personal to academic with information, advice and representation on any student welfare matter.
Totally confidential and they are really friendly
BCUSU Student Homes
Student focused letting
Owned and operated by BCUSU
Advise on property and halls in areas all over Birmingham

Go to Amsterdam, Paris and Newquay with the SU
Study in another country with an Erasmus grant
Trips with societies including 'tour' and snow and surf trips
Student Voice
Representation is one of the key functions of your Students' Union. We want to ensure that you and all of our 24,000 students are able to have a say about your experiences at Birmingham City University.
Campus Action Groups
Student Council
Student Reps
Student Voice Assistants

Lounge South and Lounge North
Welcome week!
ROAR Wednesdays
Halloween, Christmas, etc
Bar Crawls, Pub quizzes and many other events across the year

NUS Card
£12 for a year
Loads of great discounts and offers online and on the high street
Get one from any SU reception or online
Broad St
Sports teams
Katie Llewellin
VP Student Engagement
How we communicate with you
Removing barriers to improve engagement with you
Developing a bespoke presence on each campus
Twitter: @BCUSU_engage
Facebook: Katie Llewellin Bcusu
Niall Magennis
VP Experience
New services to improve your experience at BCU
Making services accessible to all
Welfare & rights

Twitter: @BCUSU_experi
Facebook: Niall Magennis Bcusu
Joe Boyd
Union President
Enhancing your life at BCU
Higher Education Issues
Running Your Students' Union

Twitter: @BCUSU_president
Facebook: Joe Boyd Bcusu
John Duddy
VP Voice
Student Representatives and championing quality learning and teaching
Educational campaigns

Twitter: BCUSU_voice
Facebook: John Duddy Bcusu
Leanne Westcott
VP Development
Increasing involvement in organized activity through your Students' Union
Enabling you to fulfill your creative ideas
Improving enjoyability and life skills

Twitter: BCUSU_develop
Facebook: Leanne Westcott Bcusu
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