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Supernatural Elements In Macbeth

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Katie Yates

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Supernatural Elements In Macbeth

Supernatural Elements In Macbeth

The Witches
The Floating Dagger
Ghost of Banquo
The Effects of Supernatural Elements On The Play
In MacBeth the supernatural elements are an integral part of the plot and the structure of the play.
The Supernatural elements are showed to the audience in many different forms.
The Ghost, daggers and The witches are three good examples of supernatural elements in MacBeth.
The witches are a symbol of evil Shakespeare uses the fear of the devil to add a haunting atmosphere to the play
Macbeth needs the witches to tell him what is going on in his own mind, but he is also afraid to acknowledge what is going on in his mind. In Act 1, Scene 3 Macbeth refers to the witches as "Instruments of darkness"
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair" This is a quote from the play that is said by the witches in act 1, scene 1. This quote shows us the evil within the witches.
Another supernatural element in Macbeth is the floating dagger. When the dagger appears to Macbeth he becomes the victim of the delusions he is having.
The dagger is what pushes MacBeth to commit the crime. The dagger is used to encourage MacBeth to commit the crime and this is what shows us that the dagger is evil.
"Is this a dagger I see infront of me , with its handle pointing toward my hand? Come let me hold you." This is said by Macbeth in Act 2 Scene 1. This shows how the dagger is evil and making MacBeth make poor decisions.
The Ghost of Banquo is used to show a path that Macbeth could have chosen to follow. The ghost haunts Macbeth by reminding him of the awful things that he has done in order to gain the crown.
The appearance of the ghost of Banquo shows us a lot about the character Macbeth. We see this through Macbeth's reaction when he sees the ghost. We see the ghost appear in Act 3 Scene 4.
The use of Supernatural is used to add a great affect to the plot of the play. Each incident in the play is led by supernatural.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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