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history of fun

Brandon Simpson

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of prezi

prezi history of honda honda was founded by soichiro honda in 1948 presentation it all started in 1948 by a man named soichiro honda History of Honda
By:Brandon Simpson who founded Honda It all started with a man by the name of Soichiro Honda. He started working for toyota as a mechanic, when he dreamed of starting his own motor company .In 1948 he started his own motor company that is how Honda Motors was created. it all started with him wanting to own a repair shop.In 1928 he finally opened his first shop.
prezi Have there been any recalls on Honda cars? How does that affect us today?
There have been only Two that I found. They were the Acura ZDX, and the Honda Oddesy.they had an airbag failure.

They had to recall this car, Because if they wouldn't have people could get majorly hurt.With airbags, injuries can be prevented.But, Because of the recall many accidents could have been caused. What does Honda manufacture? How do these things affect us today. Honda manufactures aircraft which transport people across land and oceans. They also make automobiles, we use cars to get to where we need to go in just a short amount of time. Honda makes electric generators as well, which power homes and businesses worldwide. The last 2 things they manufacture are
motorcycles, and vehicle engines. The answer continues prezi The oddesy was recalled, becaue of brake failure. brakes are not supposed to fail when new. brake failure can and will cause accidents. They also had to recall the oddesy.
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