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The Group of Seven

No description

Heidi Strauss

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Group of Seven

The Group of Seven The Group of Seven What you're creating today... What we will accomplish today: The Original 7:
Franklin Carmichael
Lawren Harris
A. Y. Jackson
Frank Johnston
Arthur Lismer
J. E. H. MacDonald
Frederick Varley Who was in the Group of Seven? You're creating your own art piece
inspired by the Go7 painting called,
"cool weather" The Go7 is a group of Canadian painters
from the 1920's to 1930's who mostly
painted landscapes of Northern Canada Who is the Group of Seven? Algonquin Park
Georgian Bay
The Great Lakes
Muskoka Their Inspiration... Congratulations! You have created your very own Go7 winter art piece!

*Make sure to put your name on the back* White 8x11 paper
tissue paper scraps
glue and water mixed in a container
scrap white paper
pencil or black pencil crayon/marker Materials: draw thin tree shapes on the white paper and then cut them out and glue them onto your paper The Foreground only needs to fill the top half of the page Others Connected With
The Group:
Emily Carr
Tom Thomson The Background learn about the Go7 look at the kind of art they created create our own artwork inspired by a Go7 painting Later Members:
A. J. Casson,
Edwin Holgate
LeMoine Fitzgerald British Columbia
Nova Scotia
Quebec overlap the strips of tissue paper to make the background take a piece of tissue paper and lay it on your page. Then lightly brush the water-glue mixture over top choose to make a warm colour sky OR a cool colour sky once you have all of your trees glued on, use a black marker, pencil crayon, or pencil to add lines in the tree and shadows. the tree will be bigger if it is closer to the bottom of the page, and smaller if it is closer to the top of your landscape birch trees are usually thin and tall www.groupofsevenart.com www.groupofsevenart.com www.groupofsevenart.com www.groupofsevenart.com www.thegroupofsevenart.com Artistic Style: many artists painted in a style called naturalism this means painting a picture of something so that it looks like an exact copy of the real thing. These paintings have a lot of detail Impressionism the group of seven painting in a new style called impressionism impressionism focuses on the emotion of a painting and not on capturing the exact details. Impressionist artists use simple shapes and bold colours to show emotion www.wikipedia.ca www.groupofsevenart.com
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