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Jessica L's Hunger Games Connections

No description

Jessica Laconis

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of Jessica L's Hunger Games Connections

Jessica's Hunger Games
Connections! Text to World

The Hunger Games relate to
the Gladiators in Ancient Rome
because they all had to fight to
the death
Text to Text

In Out of the Dust
Billy Jo burns her
hands just like Katniss Text to World

The Hunger Games
is also like wars.
Everyone is fighting to the
death until they have one
winner. Text to Self

Katniss loved
all of her family
just like I do.
I would never want
any of them to get hurt. Text to Text

Rue is like Johnny from
The Outsuders because
they are both small and
sensative. Plus, everyone
feels like they need to watch
out for them.

Text to Self

In the Hunger Games Katniss
wanted to give up and get killed
but she didn't give up. This connects
to me because I have been taught to
never give up. Thanks for Watching!!!!
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