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The Scarlet Letter Soundtrack

No description

Abigail Reyes

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter Soundtrack

"The Ballad of Mona Lisa" By Pan!c at the Disco
In this song, sin is refered to multiple times. “Takes a moment to assess the sins she’s paid for. A lonely speaker in a conversation, ... There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for” explains in terms of The Scarlet Letter that Hester has to suffer for her sins but at the same time, it’s alright to get a taste of what has happened and have to learn from it. However when it says "her words were swimming," it could represent when Chillingworth wants to get revenge for Hester betraying her and losing his trust as the image of the scarlet letter angers him.
"Rude" By Magic!
In this song, one can infer that it is a constant battle between the musician and his love interest that, although most would not approve of the relationship, the couple states that because love is so strong between the two, their life together is bound to happen. Even then, rude remarks are made to the couple about how it isn’t a wise decision to make. Hester is a woman who had a sexual relationship with a man whom she was not married to and continued to have his baby. It was seen as a sin to everyone in her community during a religious era to have such relations with a man, let alone conceive his child. Hester is brought up to the whipping post, meanwhile rude comments are being made directly to her.
"Dirty Little Secret" By All-American Rejects
Can you guess what this song represent? Probably not because a majority of this class didn't read the book. Well, the "dirty little secret" is Hester and Dimmsdale's relationship. From when Pearl is first born, Hester keeps her father a secret from the public. Dimmsdale isn't any better, not coming clean with his sins until right before he dies.
Wake Up Call By Maroon 5
This song represents demonstrates Chillingworth's anger and revenge towards Hester and her partner in crime. Just like in the song, Chillingworth was "not kind if you [Hester] betray me." He dedicating his life to finding out who his wife cheated on him with and making his life a living hell.
"Demons" By Imagine Dragons
This song represents Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. The man struggles with himself after he commits adultery. Throughout the novel he battle he has with his inner demons becomes more and more prevalent as he is under Chillingworth's care. However, this battle is not one by Dimmesdale, though he does confess all he has done before falling dead on the scaffold.
The Sc rlet Letter
Soundtr ck

"Diamonds" By Rihanna
This song represent the symbolism of Light vs. Dark that Hawthorne uses in The Scarlet Letter. Daylight exposes an individual’s activities and makes him or her vulnerable to punishment. Night, on the other hand, conceals and enables activities that would not be possible or tolerated during the day.
"Autumn Leaves" By Ed Sheeran
This song represent the desperation and separation between Dimmsdale and Hester. The meaning of the song goes on to explain that life continues to push forward and death is inevitable, that one will have to eventually accept death as it is as stated in “Another tear, another cry, another place for us to die. It’s not complicated”. In the story, Dimmesdale dies, yet its just another death amongst many.
By Abigail Reyes
The End
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