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The Civil War

No description

sasha chervinskis

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Civil War

Fun Facts
Why it started
My Questions:
Did you know, that people actually watched the 1st major battles?
Also, Lincoln thought the Civil War would only last 90 days! But it actually lasted 5 years!
Fun Facts
2.What effect did the emancipation proclamation have on the Civil War?
3.If the Civil war hadn't happened, what would 2014 be like?
My Answers
The Civil War and it's causes
By.Grace Xu
1.The civil war lasted 5 years
2. Like I said, Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation and the confederate states were unhappy. That's what caused the Civil War to happen.
3. America would have slaves, no freedom, and segregation, which means family and friends were separated.
What caused the civil war to happen?
The civil war happened because Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation to free the slaves in the south, but the Confederate [southern] states were not happy. So the fired at Fort Sumter.
The civil war was a fight for freedom between the Union [north] and the Confederacy [south.]
First of all, what is the civil war?
The civil war was a bloody, dangerous, and serious battle for freedom. If the union had not won, there would still be slaves.
1.How long was the Civil War?
Pictures of the civil war
credit to: brain pop
The end!
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