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Health Communication

Parents Smoking in Vehicles with Children

Laura Morrin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Health Communication

Parents Who Smoke in Cars While Their Children are Present Campaign Goal:
To improve children's health by reducing the amounts of inhaled smoke
The campaign is needed because it is one small step to fully stop parents from smoking around their children Current Status of the situation The only states that currently ban smoking in cars is Maine, Arkansas, Louisiana and California. Measuring our Goals We will take a pre-test/post-test sample from a school district (children under 16) from each state for the National campaign This way we can see whether or not our campaign was effective. Pre-test at the beginning of the school year
Post-test at the end of the school year
Campaign will run the length of one school year
Questions as simple as "do your parents smoke while driving?" Target Audience Audience Segmentation:
Billboards target parents who are smoking in their vehicles
Posters target parents who check their children's folders when they come home from school
Radio target parents WHILE they're 'in the act' Designing the Campaign Message Emotional Appeal Voice of the Campaign:
The Children Health Belief Model Used to change individual's health knowledge, beliefs and attitudes Perceived susceptibility
Perceived severity
Perceived benefits
Perceived barriers
Self efficacy
Cues to action Campaign nation-wide Dangers of secondhand smoke for children Low birth weight
Respiratory problems
Behavioral problems (ADHD)
Prevention 'Head Start' progam to encourage smoke free families
National Cancer Institute pamphlets about how to quit THE CAMPAIGN billboards take-home posters in schools Girl 'jailed' into the car
Colors are harsh
No-Smoking signs in the Os
Emphasized 'YOU' and 'ME'
Website for more info
Website has lots of information on why smoking in cars is dangerous PTA programs
to reinforce advertisements Consistent theme, colors and font to coorelate with the billboards
More info than the billboards since the reader has time to analyze it
Short, precise message with a link to more information
Radio Ad PTA PROGRAM Evaluation and maintenance:
parents get together at the schools for "You Wouldn't" nights (emphasis on SMALL lifestyle changes at a time)
knowledgable speakers about the dangers of smoking in cars with children
free food and beverages
personal guidance offered to stop smoking
27% of adults grew up with parents who smoked
70% of adults whose parents smoked, smoked with them in the car
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