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Wintermute ScalaBE

quick wintermute architecture overview for deep-dive into code

Egon Nijns

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Wintermute ScalaBE

improve quality of care
improve patient safety

How? Perform more checks!
(off line or near-line)

Scala + Akka
2010: Programming in Scala book
2012: start of the project
Wintermute architectuur
Trigger Message Producers
Bulletin writers
Trigger message producer
Patient actors registry
wintermettes / patient actors
SBT, Scala Build Tool
getting started = OK
powerful, not always easy
integrating with UZL's ivy repo hardest part
docs could be better
good news: jsuereth's upcoming book
Scala ecosystem
Mature tools and libraries
std library
Almost there
ScalaIDE / IntelliJ
Some projects
lacking documentation
bleeding edge feel
Nice and growing community
concepts are clear and powerful
incredible documentation
good books available

promising features (not needed in this phase):
supervision strategies
cluster support
requires more study
Some experiments
Spray routes
Query composition
UZL's specific context
no good support for stored procs
other issues with non-standard DB stuff
=> long term: integration with UZ DB layer
Scala 2.10 def macros
val name = field[String]("name")
val name = mfield[String]
scalaIDE issues
implementation is scary
=> cleanup ala SBT 0.13 taskKey macro
|+| for merging Map[A,Seq[B]]
ListT[Future, A] ?
=> ???
Who is wintermute?
Adam Warski on his blog, 21 May, 2013

Akka is a great tool for writing distributed applications. One thing that always surprised me though is that while being based on Scala, which is a very type-safe language, the elementary construct in Akka – an actor – is not really type safe. You can send any message to any actor, and get back any object in reply.
Typed Ask Pattern
class PatientActor(ruleIndex: RuleIndex) extends Actor {
val log = Logging(context.system, this)
val evaluator = Evaluator(ruleIndex, runSideEffects = true)

def receive = {
case EadnrAndFacts(_, facts) => {
case _ => log.info("received unknown message")
Lord Wintermute
Wintermute console
Backend: spray
now: angularJS
soon: dart?
DSL for describing rules
Inside the pure function
Pure Scala goodness, side effect free
the output of a rule can be used as the input for another rule
can query the database for extra data
Inside the pure function
Some micro DSLs
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