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DRYVE - The Effective Entrepreneurial Collaboration board

It's all about YOU as an Entrepreneur

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of DRYVE - The Effective Entrepreneurial Collaboration board

1615 Manhattan was in the area of the New Netherlands

Amsterdam was the first industrial estate in the world with 23 saw mills:
The American declaration of independence was printed on paper from a Dutch papermill.
There is only one mill left in A'dam
1613 first Dutch
Manhattan setler
From 1550 till 1630 no one
owned Manhattan..
E/BMC = Effectiveness in order to sell your idea's
5% have all the skills to be an entrepreneur, on school they are often drop outs..
17% have the ability to develop as an entrepreneur
78% .. focus on avarage earnings.
Developping in natural learning
environments includes a bit of pain, no movement, back in line..
From global an entrepreneurial perspective management is (anno 21ste century) a misfit of nature, so in DRYVE we focus on the YOUpart, this means on executing you're talents
The coach is leading by example,
by his own narrative
DRYVE can 2 be used for profiling and building,
your personal E/portfolio
As a collaboration platform,
An online 'powerstrip' to all your communication features needed 2 be an entrepreneur.
E/BMC assignment: Make and sell an idea by PDCA
Powerfull learning means:
Practical, in dialogue, with focus
on increasing ownership
Focus on talents, no assumtions
Who you are, what YOU want is the raw key
in succesfull entrepreneurial behaviour, skills and knowledge
No movement by heart? Back in line...
5000 years of effective iteration
DRYVE as the solid common ground of connection
YOU as a reflective practitioner
Effective Execution
WHY?, learning specs
We gave you donuts
For wireless connection
Fam: Sengers owned
63 mills in 1654 in
We lost the battle for

To be succesfull the heart is in motion
Lectures perspectives
To facilitate personal growth in Entrepreneurial

Behaviour, skills, knowledge
DRYVE has to be seen
The doing part
Our vision on the learning part?
Global perspective
DRYVE, as the wind
To be used for?
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