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Fiction/Nonfiction Intro

Intro into Fiction and Nonfiction following the CPS Pacing guide. Two Periods.

Shiva Risner

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Fiction/Nonfiction Intro

Today: Introduction of Nonfiction

1. BlackBoard And LIterature Book
1. Introducting Nonfiction
11. Nonfiction Essay: "The Baker Heater League"
111. Preview Tomorrow "The TRUTH is more
important than the FACTS."
-Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect Vocabulary:

Point of View
11. To Inform
111. To Entertain THE BAKER HEATER
LEAGUE (pg 8-13) 1. What are the names of the
three heroes or legends
discussed in the essay?

2. What is each person
known for? IF YOU FINISH: Look up
Vocabulary words. Find your seat

JOURNAL WRITE: Write a paragraph
about a time you or a friend
exaggerated a story.

Your Online Literature Book Online Discussion With Blackboard Fox hunt by: lensey namioka Foreshadowing Flashbacks Chronological - events take place in the same order
that they occur in time. However! There are stories with plots that do not follow
chronological order. The author provides clues that hint at events
to come. Relate events to the past. They often show
whats important to the character, or reveal
something important about the character's
past. Monday, September 20th
Narrative Structure Do you like how the story blends legend and fiction? Does the main character in this story accept a straightforward
or a fantastic explanation for the appearance of a new friend
in his neightborhood? Songs can invoke vivid memories; hearing a particular
song can rocket you back to seventh grade or last summer.
Write about a song that is really evocative of a certain time
in your life. JOURNAL WRITE evocative synomyms; suggestive, remiscent " Why do I get the feeling you
will be the death of me?" Obi Wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader kills Obi Wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader EXAMPLES OF FORESHADOWING 1 2 "I had the strangest dream. I was attacked by giant trendy sunglass, and when I tried to speak nothing game out" - T SWIFT THE DAY BEFORE THE 2009 VMA'S Journal:
Yesterday you were given a list of
expectations. Most statements started
out with "Students will...". Think about
some behavoirs and practices that
you expect from your teachers. *Write a "Mr. Risner and Mr.
Trautmann will..." list.
(Need at least 5 statements). * 1. Summarize the flashback
2. Tell how the author uses
foreshadowing in the story.
3. Answer question 1 on pg. 102
(At least 3 sentences). While you read "Fox Hunt." Due at the end of the period
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